Tales of the Cocktail Gamely Goes on Without Me…

…and I admire them for it!

The Cocktail Hour in Boston Carries on as Well

I’ve been trying to participate virtually in the 6th annual Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. I’m reading the daily blog updates here.

It isn’t nearly as much fun as being there, but, then again, I didn’t have to put one smidge of makeup on today. I am both thrilled, and green with envy, reading the posts of my fellow/sister bartenders/bloggers and barflies from Boston who are there.

I’m annointing the virtual cocktail lounge “B4” which has some appeal…Imagine all the ways you could complete the following sentence:

“I’m going to the Bar B4…(fill-in-the-blank.)”

In honor of the Boston contingency and the “juniperlooza” gin tasting (ten samples plus an exploration of Ernest Hemingway through cocktails), I got my drink on with a new cocktail tonight.

I give you the Cucumber Lemongrass Martini, also known as the “Thai One On”:

For those who actually measure things…I did bring out my little measuring thingee.

1.5 oz Aviation Gin

.5 oz cucumber water

.25 oz lemongrass simple syrup.

Shaken over ice and garnished with Japanese cucumber slice.

~ by jacqueline1230 on July 19, 2008.

5 Responses to “Tales of the Cocktail Gamely Goes on Without Me…”

  1. This would be great with vodka!

  2. Not a big fan of gin; will your recipe work with vodka?

  3. Cucumber and lemongrass _ two of my favorite flavors in cocktails. Combine the two and, well, this just must be heaven. I bet this would go great with some spicy, sticky adobo chicken wings. Yum!

  4. MMM. Carolyn recipe please? Those wings sound yummy. I know you have one! We can have a virtual happy hour. We’ll each make the wings, the cocktail and we can chat about it..ha ha. Wouldn’t that be funny? I’m dying to make your amped up sesame cake recipe, too!

  5. […] The Thai One On -my cucumber lemongrass martini […]

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