Do you have a “white thumb?”

Thanks to Dana McCauley for this tip. You know how much I’ve been loving my rediscovery of baking. This is just too funny. Especially since I discovered some rogue sourdough sponge on the elbow of my favorite Woodman’s hoodie. The sponge for tomorrow’s pancakes is done and the starter has been fed. No matter how much I may have enjoyed the Pullman loaf of election night, the request was made in no uncertain terms this evening that the next loaf be “Regular Sourdough.” (capital R, capital S, thank you.)

I haven’t baked a cake lately (and not one that looked like that!) but pies are definitely part of the Orphans’, Refugees’, Procrastinators’ Thanksgiving plan.

Here’s my latest pumpkin.


Speaking of Thanksgiving – check out my new column on (Boston’s Food Culture Examiner, here!) We’re going to be running a Thanksgiving/Holiday series so the recipes, tips, and advice will be flowing!

~ by jacqueline1230 on November 10, 2008.

4 Responses to “Do you have a “white thumb?””

  1. Nice work on your white thumb experiments. Just remember, don’t add the eggs to the flour -it’s just not done. Poor girl in this video had learned how to fold her newspaper but not how to make a decent batter!

    Thanks for the link. I look forward to getting to know your blog better.

  2. Hate to say I’m not a baker. Took to rudimentary baking classes, but my cooking mind seems to work in physics and not chemistry. I did make bagels at one time and they did come out well, maybe that’s genetics.

  3. Although, now that I’m thinking about it, I do make a mean pumpkin cheesecake. Does that count? Did you see the piece about canned pumpkin not actually being pumpkin?

  4. Dana – I recently, after all these years, had a bad egg plop out of its shell. Only have to have it happen once to know how little you will mind washing that one extra bowl. Lucky for me, I always do crack into a separate bowl. That bad egg was one of the worst things I’ve ever encountered!

    Joseph you’re asking me if cheesecake counts?!?! I didn’t see the article you mention but Serious Eats has pumpkin spice marshmallows…I once made a Kahlua cheesecake with choco cookie crust for a friend’s engagement picnic party. They almost disinvited me from the wedding for not having a recipe to share. And he’s lacto intolerant!

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