Blind tasting – oof da.

Serious Eats has another braille wine label find. The “cool Christmas gift” comment reminds me of the distancing effect when someone finds your “other-ness” a novelty. Like when someone said they couldn’t wait to introduce me to their friend to whom they’d described me as “a real Jap.” Knowing their friend would think Jewish American Princess, see, made it funny, see, because I’m actually Japanese…

…oof da.

I’ve written about the labels that included braille: the “in addition to” labels I found. For a really interesting read see Clotilde’s interview of a blind cook. And the dark dining experience is one I wrote about some time ago.

All these things are good to talk about, I only hope people will try to tread lightly when they feel themselves ready to trot out another person’s difference as a novelty. I don’t mind being a catalyst for some enlightening discussions, but don’t objectify me in the process please.

Thanks, now here’s to you!


~ by jacqueline1230 on November 11, 2008.

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