Victory! Presidential and Pullman

I’ve missed my S/O/L/E Food Tuesday post. I had a good excuse, right?

Other than chomping on chocolate (The Obama selection, natch), gnawing on fingers, and waiting for my bread to rise…I was following election results. You can read about the chocolates below and the Electoral emotions here.

Now, about the Pullman Loaf. You know I’ve been back at bread baking, mostly sourdough. (see Adventures in Sourdough, here). Last night, I decided that I was going to be up all night anyway, so we might as well get some fresh bread out of the evening. I would bake while the results came in. I wanted to try this old fashioned loaf from The Art and Soul of Baking. (proper review coming) Emboldened by some modest success with the bread baking thing, I decided to add that half cup of sourdough starter to the yeast bread recipe. What could go wrong?

I had to feed my starter anyway, a new weekly ritual. It’s sort of like having a new pet, w/o walks or additional litterbox contributions. I took one half cup out and started my sourdough pancake sponge. I took another half cup out and mixed it with my yeast for the Pullman loaf.


You’ll see a slightly left-leaning loaf here. Both a reflection of my politics and of my having forgotten that my proofing function of this new oven happens in the oven, not in the warming drawer. I first stuck this baby in the warming drawer to proof. Oops.

Old fashioned white Pullman loaf

Eventually, it dawned on me that this rise was taking longer than North Carolina’s vote tally…I began to pre-heat the oven and found it was warm. Doh!

That’s why it wasn’t rising in the warming drawer.

Pullman loaf out of the oven

Happy to report that even though as of this writing, North Carolina is still tallying her votes, our Pullman loaf came out just fine. Look at the beautiful crumb!

Nice crumb

And for my S/O/L/E Food friends and readers: who’s got something to share?

Here’s some inspiration for you:

Veg. Prop 1: If you’re in NYC here’s a new (to me) resto to try: Dirt Candy. As long as you don’t mind deep fried food (and who really does?) It sounds fab. Jalapeño hush puppies with maple butter; warm ricotta fritters and risotto with tempura-fried egg.

Veg. Prop 2: Thursday afternoon (prior to the start of Thursday night football!!) will have me sampling our vegetarian and vegan offerings right here in Boston at the Other Side Cafe. After my post last week, I’ve been invited for a visit. I look forward to reporting back!

~ by jacqueline1230 on November 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “Victory! Presidential and Pullman”

  1. I also put sourdough starter in my pullman. use:
    2 C starter
    2 C water
    1 tsp. yeast
    6 C flour
    1T salt
    2 T sugar
    I don’t proof it warm but let the 1st rise go about 4 hours at room temp. form the loaves and then the 2nd rise takes about 1+ hour

  2. Cool! Thanks for the recipe Mark! I can’t wait to try it.

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