Amuse Cochon – All Pig, All the Time (okay, and wine)

Amuse Cochon – Five Chefs, Five Pigs, Five Winemankers

You love heritage pigs, you love wine, you love great chefs and food artisans. You are near or can get to Napa Valley. Have I got the overnight getaway for you!

This event is called Amuse Cochon a play on the phrase Amuse Bouche, heck I’ll take a pig (cochon) for an amuse bouche (French, literally translated to “mouth amuser“). Unable to attend and fulfill a role as a guest judge, (*sniff, sniff*) I send along my best wishes for a rockin’ good pig party. I know it will be fun with Allan Benton, Peter Pahk (wait till you see his recipe in Teach a Man to Fish!), Chris Cosentino (remember I heart offal?). I mean c’mon this is a sick line up.

Now a little closer to home, Boston is slowly developing its own porcine head to tail culture. If you care about (check all that apply):

Then you owe it to yourself to check out these fine chefs and what they’re doing.

Pig Happy in Boston:

  • Josh Buehler – KO Prime
  • Jason Bond – Beacon Hill Bistro
  • Peter McCarthy – Evoo
  • Jeff Fournier – 51 Lincoln

Coast to coast pig. Who’s a happy girl?

Taking a break from my sustainable seafood wrap up editing, I thought this is a good time to post on pigs. I recently had the opportunity to watch a suckling pig butchering demonstration by one of Boston’s finest butchers: Ron Savenor.

Not only did this class benefit me but it made a donation to the Boston Public Market group’s efforts to secure a permanent public market. Caleb made a substantial donation to the efforts in the silent auction in order to procure this prize for me at their fundraiser during Morton’s Seaport opening party.

Here’s that slideshow.

Here’s a link to my post on the Hello Greenway event and the subsequent efforts to find out just what the heck is going on with the securing of the public market which was supposed to be agreed to as part of the greenway negotiations.

Doncha love Boston politics? We got Wilkerson padding her bra with bribes in that disgusting violation of public trust. Think of the resources directed at her sting operation, why not fund something that would serve ALL the citizens of Boston, draw tourists to our city, support local farmers…? Nope, THAT is “still being studied.”

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