Soy Facts, Soy Far, Soy Good

Here is info that could help clarify all the questions swirling around soy.

It comes from the AICR American Institute for Cancer Research and addresses new research on the issue of soy and breast cancer. (the link takes you to their newsletter article which has a link to the Journal of Nutrition.)

  • Soy consumed at normal dietary levels – one or two servings of whole soy foods daily (up to 100 milligrams of isoflavones) – is probably safe for most women. One serving of soyfoods equals 8 oz. of soymilk, 4 oz. of tofu or tempeh or a half-cup of green soybeans (edamame).
  • As a precaution, women receiving anti-estrogen treatments should minimize soyfoods and avoid isoflavone supplements.
  • Evidence does not support adding soy to your diet to help prevent breast cancer. But soy is still a healthful choice. It is low in saturated fat and high in nutrients, fiber and antioxidant phytochemicals.

The bottom line is: It’s your overall diet that counts. Soy is a good way to get more plant protein, but it’s one food, not magic. So don’t expect it to single-handedly protect you from breast cancer and don’t avoid it out of fear that it will be solely responsible for increasing your risk. It fits into a healthy diet that is high in a wide variety of plant foods.

Phew. Now we can breathe a little easier and incorporate this healthy protein in our diets.

Recipes for Health

Rebecca Katz has wonderful site that includes this recipe for Asian Japonica Rice Salad with Edamame Beans.

During cancer treatment many patients lose interest in food because they may lose up to 80% of their sense of taste. Some may lose the ability to swallow. Rebecca’s site, One Bite at a Time, and her book of the same name, and her caring advice and help, were godsends during my father-in-law’s treatment.

Edamame beans can be purchased at Trader Joes frozen and shelled. This could be an easy snack itself just to have on hand. Full of protein.

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One Response to “Soy Facts, Soy Far, Soy Good”

  1. I think a good thing to remember is that processed soy foods are just like other processed food, IE not something we should base our diets on.

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