Another Take on Sushi – Wall Street Style

The Wall St. Journal is highlighting the exclusivity and clique-y sushi restaurants where guests relish being the chosen ones not abused or kicked out. Read Sushi Bullies here. The sushi chefs are compared to Seinfeldian Soup Nazi’s but since we’re talking Wall St., I’d like to call him Gecko-san. As in Gordon Gecko, get it?

The WSJ article makes the sushi spending habits of the wealthy patrons seem sort of pathetic if you ask me, like they need this bizarre form of validation.

While I would be the first to admit that sushi, like every aspect of Japanese life and culture, is heavily laden with rules and tradition and expectations, I really don’t believe it is part of the classical training to teach sushi chefs to bully their patrons. Seems more like a marketing gimmick to me. And for the record, I have been lucky enough to eat at many fine sushi bars including one in Ginza right across from Tsukiji.

As to the rest of us, non-Wall St. types who want to enjoy sushi that is guilt free, and abuse-free, we can take the National Sushi Challenge, open a dialogue with our sushi chefs, and enjoy. Unless of course, we’re afraid of him.

~ by jacqueline1230 on October 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Another Take on Sushi – Wall Street Style”

  1. If I am spending that kind of money on a sushi meal, shouldn’t I be able to use more soy sauce if I desire, or use more (or less) wasabi as I see fit?

  2. I think it’s all about learning what is the recommended way to enjoy it, and also about the chefs not being disdainful or disrespectful. I’d hate to be escorted out just because I dipped a bit of shoyu on something the chef deemed perfect w/o. I assume they pay your tab if they kick you out!

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