Like I needed another reason to be a chocolate snob

Chocolate body paint containing more than 50 times the allowable amount of melamine was found in British Sex Shops. The origin of the chocolate body paint? China, of course.

If you want good chocolate to eat in whatever form you choose, by whatever method you choose to eat it, here are my recommendations for some very good chocolatiers in Boston. I am attempting to get a statement from each.

As I stated in Chocolate Omniwhore: Anthon Berg New Guinea Dark Chocolate 70% is fabulous. I love that the website includes “Five good things about chocolate” the last of which reads as follows: 5. The comfortably low melting point of chocolate makes it near perfect for all-natural body paint experiments.”

In Caramel Sushi: I told you about Beacon Hill Chocolates. A treasure boîte of a chocolatier. Delightful staff and a great selection of confections of all sorts, renewed often. I called Beacon Hill Chocolates to ask their advice about chocolate body paint.

Richart is French, Taza is local – can’t imagine either of them use Chinese origin milk chocolate.

C’mon now, do we need any more evidence that dark chocolate is the way to go?

~ by jacqueline1230 on October 22, 2008.

One Response to “Like I needed another reason to be a chocolate snob”

  1. Eeeep. Good information, thank you! Hey, have you been to Burdick Chocolates in Harvard Square? I haven’t been in literally years now, but I seem to remember it made quite an impression on me. Might be worth checking out again.

    a.k.a. The Hungry Mouse

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