National Sushi Party – Teach a Sushi Chef or a Fishmonger to Fish!

The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program is leading the way once again.

See their new sustainable sushi campaign that includes this adorable fish design above, new pocket cards and T-Shirts for the first 100 advocates who take the pledge. Can you do it?

They’re also calling for a National Sushi Party on Facebook.

Why not join the fun and help bring the sustainable sushi discussion to your sushi bar? We can take your photo and a blurb about your experience  maybe a photo with you and your sushi chef? – as an entry here in the blog event!

Go to the Seafood Watch page and receive your sushi advocate kit (includes reuseable, biodegradeable chopsticks!) It also includes cards to thank chefs for using items on the sustainable list and also alert them to items that are on the “red list”.

Since the Sushi cards will be available October 22 (through a simultaneous release along with the Environmental Defense Fund and Blue Ocean Institute) I’ll extend our deadline here to any sushi advocates who want to participate in the National Sushi Party and submit it as an entry here.

Always better to know who you’re dealing with

It can be hard to start the conversations, but in the end it’s worth it.

Read about my friend Clare’s experience with a slippery chef here on Chewswise.

Reminds me of my disappointment with the Annapolis Seafood Market – you know the, “we buy from pirates” argument.

Anyone with an alternative, responsible fishmonger in the Annapolis area, please let me know! I can’t go back there.

To read the original announcement of our event this year, click here.

~ by jacqueline1230 on October 10, 2008.

4 Responses to “National Sushi Party – Teach a Sushi Chef or a Fishmonger to Fish!”

  1. I did it! I totally signed the pledge! I’m in!!!!

  2. You rock!

  3. […] to JJ Gonson for being the first to enthusiastically take the sushi advocate pledge – you are brave and admirable! I’ll be gathering information – and courage – at the Blue […]

  4. […] us, non-Wall St. types who want to enjoy sushi that is guilt free, and abuse-free, we can take the National Sushi Challenge, open a dialogue with our sushi chefs, and enjoy. Unless of course, we’re afraid of […]

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