The neatest pantry – the coolest Sardines – the best bloggers. Meet Burnt Lumpia, Chocolate & Zucchini, Swirling Notions and the Food Gal

I reached out to fellow blogger Marvin, publisher of Burnt Lumpia a blog about his cooking which is Filipino, primarily. Born to Filipino parents and married to a non-Filipino, Marvin describes his blogging this way…

Now married to a non-Filipino, and residing in the culinary wasteland that is the Inland Empire of Southern California, Marvin continues to hone his kitchen skills by expanding his culinary repertoire and learning to cook the food of his culture that he once ignored, even if it means burning a few lumpias along the way.

I posted about his Chicken Inasal recently and have been reading BL since Amy Sherman, writing on gave it a thumbs up. I concur, Amy!

Marvin writes well, cooks well, and has the neatest freakin’ pantry I’ve ever seen. His stories often involve cross-cultural food stories and I’ve been caught laughing out loud at it more than once. Thanks, Marvin!

What are some of the other blogs you should get to know? Here are a few that are joining us for Teach a Man to Fish:

Clotilde Dusouliers – Chocolate & Zucchini

I am so often writing about the same things, or cooking the same things, I have to reassure cher Clotilde that I am not a stalker. She generously forgives me my bad French and I’m thrilled that she is bringing the sustainable seafood discussion to a new audience. I will thank her nephew personally some day when he is old enough to read. Her posts always teach us something and make us laugh. No wonder she’s so popular. Please stop by C&Z and wish her a bonne anniversaire! C&Z is 5 years old yesterday!

Lia Huber – Swirling Notions

I first met Lia in Monterey at the Sustainabilty Institute and Cooking for Solutions event. We also ended up on the same media tour of the Copper River Basin in Cordova, Alaska. Lia is the official blogger for Clos du Bois and somehow also manages to write for Prevention, Cooking Light, develops recipes, and has just completed a novel, is working on cookbook and has a two year old daughter.

Carolyn Jung – The Food Gal

You gotta love someone that makes it look easy. Read The Food Gal for just an entry or two, and you’ll see that her writing is backed by research, loaded with info, but rendered so well that it seems effortless. Like a really good photographer’s work that makes anyone think “I could do that.” We know better.

No wonder her awards come from James Beard, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and the like. Make sure to read Carolyn’s piece in the SFGate on Tataki, the sustainable sushi bar everyone’s buzzing about.

It was great fun to be with both Carolyn and Lia in Cordova. As I recall Carolyn – didn’t we have Lumpia the first afternoon we arrived?

Perfect! Four stellar food writers sharing our commitment to sustainable seafood.

Now it’s time to go celebrate my four year anniversary!

[ed. note: Recipes, photos and stories should be sent to me here, so I can wrap them up with all the others in our round up, please.]

~ by jacqueline1230 on October 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “The neatest pantry – the coolest Sardines – the best bloggers. Meet Burnt Lumpia, Chocolate & Zucchini, Swirling Notions and the Food Gal”

  1. Don’t know if you’ve run across Eating Asia – – very personal view of food, great photos.

  2. Thanks Joseph! I just checked it out. Hadn’t seen it before and I love what I see at first blush. Cheers, J

  3. Happy anniversary! My hubby and I just celebrated our fifth anniversary over the weekend.

    And thanks for the kudos. Why, yes, I think our first meal together in Cordova was indeed lumpia. I remember thinking, “Lumpia? In this tiny town in Alaska?? Huh?!” Sure enough, it was because of the fairly sizeable Filipino-American community there. What a great trip that was. We definitely should do a reunion there on our fourth or fifth anniversary of that trip.

  4. I love the idea of a Cordova anniversary! Thanks for the kudos, Jackie. You’re doing a fabulous job yourself!

    Lia (SwirlingNotions)

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