How about a cocktail and a savory snack?

How about some laughs and some sweet stories about Aunties and Grandma and Mom? How often do you see lumpia and Sazerac in the same blog?

There you go. That is why I love Burnt Lumpia. You must check out this blog.

I’m going to help you out by sharing a recipe from it, with Marvin’s permission, of course.

Check out the Chicken Inasal recipe in his Party Fowl post. While working on ‘Leven things to do with Lemongrass (tell me a number that actually begins with L? ) I came upon the Chicken Inasal recipe and was reminded of why I like this blog. It’s smart, it’s funny and it makes my stomach growl. It also opens a window into a culture I know pretty little about.

When I was a kid in Hawai’i I remember hearing Tagalog spoken and I know of some food items I like and others I fear from that culture. Marvin shares his life and his family’s food in a way that reminds us of how similar, as opposed to how different, so many of our cultures are. At least, how much we share.

I defy you to read his Master of the Flying Mandoline without laughing.

Note that he uses achuete oil which annatto oil, I wrote about here.

Annatto Seeds are used to flavor oil which is then a beautiful deep burnt-orange color and can be used to flavor

~ by jacqueline1230 on October 6, 2008.

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