Coast to Coast Sushi – NYC and SF restaurants get top billing

Sushi from my last Douzo visit

Sushi Yasuda “no slippage” is Bruni’s report. It’s one of my absolute favorites in NYC, but falls in the “special event” budget category if you know what I mean.

Tataki is reviewed by our Food Gal in the know, Carolyn Jung. See Sushi without Guilt in SFGate. For those of you unfamiliar with the Food Gal, you should check her blog out here. Her accolades are too numerous to mention (Beard is one, she’s a hot ticket, I’m just sayin’…trust me on this one.) I met her in Monterey, in SF for Slow Food, Cordova…sheese, she’s gonna think I’m a stalker.

Her blog is not one to read when you’re hungry. I can’t wait to see what she contributes to Teach a Man to Fish!

And soon, we’ll all benefit from sustainable sushi pocket cards. I’m curious:

  • how many of you think you will use them?
  • Do you have conversations with sushi chefs as it is?
  • How many of you know your sushi chefs?

More Afishianados to know:

Trevor Corson indicates in his comments on the LATimes’ Greenspace that many of our least sustainable sushi favorites are not even traditionally on the menu. Interesting. Trevor is a true sushi expert and wrote this story for Gourmet Magazine (this link takes you to Trevor’s Website, worth bookmarking!) on the news of our long-awaited pocket cards.

Point is, we can find other things we enjoy, too. People don’t want to let go of what is familiar, even when they know a thrill might lie behind the next door. Change is hard and we’re hard-wired against it. I like to use the analogy of the trapeze. Imagine swinging from one bar to the next. You literally can make no progress until you let go of the first bar, and latch on to the second. But what a thrill it must be. Like most changes in our lives, we have take that little leap, allow ourselves that reach.

Speaking of thrills: NYC readers you’re in luck! Trevor’s giving a reading at KGB Bar:

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