Hey There Baby Cakes!

Taking a break from fish for one hot minute…

How many years can you live in Boston and never taste a Boston Cream Pie?

For me the answer was 21 – yes, I came here as a baby, you are correct.

But finally we did try the famous cake which is layered with custard and topped with chocolate. Not a pie at all, really. The nice thing is that the famous Parker House Hotel where this confection originated now sells the beautiful little baby cakes. The website has interesting history that you only get in places like Boston.

Then, there are the beautiful cannelés.

Read Clotilde’s post on these confections. As usual, Ms. C&Z does a nice job summing up enough information to introduce a novice to the thing, as well as sufficient progress with said thing to make a cook familiar with it, still feel inspired. I want to buy the little copper molds and make these extravagant mini cakes myself but really don’t have the money or the time to go hunt for food grade beeswax…

My eternal gratitude to my dear friend in diaspora who brought my first cannele to me a few months ago.

If you want to try them here in Boston, get thee to L.A.Burdick’s. Wonderful. Truly wonderful little treats.

Dze Bao Dahn Go

When I saw cher Clotilde’s post about baking these in at home in unwaxed cups I thought I should give it a try. They’re one of my favorite all-time cakes. Light as air, ever so slightly eggy and sweet, moist on the inside.

And our final baby cakes installment – the Chinese baby cakes called Dze Bao Dan Go… so gorgeous. So light and airy. Enticing slightly eggy, slightly sweet, moist center. And for 80 cents you cannot beat it with a stick. But why would you? It would be such a waste.

I read C&Z’s post about baking them at home but 80 cents so close, kinda takes the wind outta your baking sails. This one was still warm when I devoured it!

Double-rich bakery, last winter

Do try them at home though, especially if you’re not near Chinatown. They are a delight and relatively healthy as cakes go.

How fun to have your own individual little cake. It’s like the joy of a cupcake w/o the guilt or the goo of frosting. Trust me: you lose nothing here. Just delightful light baby cakes.

~ by jacqueline1230 on October 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Hey There Baby Cakes!”

  1. You’re a wizard. I'[m going to try those chiffon cakes.

  2. you know what…I don’t think I’ve ever had boston cream pie. Def boston cream donuts. Mmmmm.

  3. […] candidates. We get to “vote” and eat artisan chocolates, too. Burdick’s cannelé (see Babycakes) are not to be missed. Please have one if you […]

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