Teach a Man to Fish 2008 – Bring it On!

October is National Seafood Month. For the second year, we re-christen it as National Sustainable Seafood Month. Come share your knowledge and passion. Join award winning chefs and cookbook authors, famous bloggers, foodies and home cooks as we learn how to make better and more sustainable seafood choices.

Chef Rick Moonen paraphrasing Carl Safin put it this way “If you don’t think you have a connection to the ocean, taste your tears.” A poignant reminder that we are, in fact, truly dependent on and interconnected with the oceans. Chef Moonen was instrumental in saving the swordfish from extinction, spearheading the ban successful enough to allow the population to recover. Now we know how to responsibly harvest this popular fish. This is truly a sustainability success story.

Join us for this virtual gathering of seafood lovers, the 2008 Teach a Man to Fish Sustainable Seafood Blog Event.

Who can participate?
Everyone! Chefs (Rick Moonen, Raghavan Iyer, Stuart Brioza), food bloggers (Clotilde Dusoulier of Chocolate and Zucchini), cookbook authors, home cooks, foodies…anyone with an interest in making more sustainable seafood choices can participate.

Why do it?

It’s easy to be confused or disheartened when we hear all the bad news about fish populations threatened with extinction, closed salmon runs, unhealthy aquaculture.
Lighting a candle is so much better than cursing the darkness. We all learn from each other. Last year, participants from around the globe shared recipes, cooking techniques, resources, links, tips for talking to your fishmonger, and so much more.

It’s fun and the wrap-up (slated for early November) will offer dozens of entries.

How do I join in the fun?
1. Prepare a recipe using sustainable seafood.
2. Send it along with a photo (200 x 200 pixels) in an email to The Leather District Gourmet. Subject line should read: “Teach a Man to Fish”
3. Include your blog or website URL; your name; country.
4. Tell us why sustainable seafood is important to you or what you’re learning about it.

Last year’s event helped raise awareness of sustainable seafood and the blog event was recognized by the Seafood Watch program of the Monterey Bay Aquarium and SeaChange Strategies called it “remarkable.” This year promises to be even better with more exciting participants joining our stellar inaugural crew.

This event is a prime example of what one woman, armed with a little determination and a lot of caffeine, can do.

~ by jacqueline1230 on September 29, 2008.

19 Responses to “Teach a Man to Fish 2008 – Bring it On!”

  1. I am so excited about this. “Bottomfeeder”, by Taras Grescoe opened my eyes a couple of months ago. I admit, I was peeking a little bit before, but I wasn’t taking a good, honest look. Terrible what I think I see.
    Bring it on, indeed!

  2. It is sobering. We clear cut a forest and everyone can SEE the damage. If an underwater environment is raked and plundered, species die, corals choke, we never know until it’s gone. We are on the cusp of change, some want to bury their heads in the sand others want to know what they can do to bring us back from the brink. We can do it. The swordfish ban succeeded in allowing that species to rebound. Now, we have the opportunity to get info into consumers’ hands so we can all enjoy it responsibly, for a long time. Much preferable to extinct, which is forever.

    Glad to have you on board!

  3. Oh, wow. This is a great idea. Count me in for a post sometime this month. Thanks! (And very much enjoy your blog, by the way!)

    a.k.a. The Hungry Mouse

  4. Jessie – Thanks and welcome! How did you find me?

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  7. This is so exciting! I’m definitely interested in getting involved!


  8. Cool! Welcome aboard! I’m a little bit frightened to think you have looks, brains, charm, AND you can cook?! Life is not fair!

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  11. I’m so happy about it. I’ll surely send my entry. Is the last date the 30th of this month?

  12. I’ll send an entry–it will motivate me to learn about sustainable seafood in general, and what to do here in Australia in particular, since I just moved here and am completely clueless!

  13. Yes please try to get entries in by month’s end! Thanks!

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  17. I truly hope this movement grows and becomes the mainstream among sushi diners.

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  19. […] true. I say mostly because there are sustainable raised or fished fish that are ok. Here is a competition for recipes around those fishes and the results. Note what one chef says, that the situation and what we know […]

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