Sustainable Sushi – Teach a Man to Fish (and eat)

Three Wallet Cards

Coming Soon to a Pocket Near You!

You already know about the Fish Phone, you have a wallet card and you’ve talked to your fishmonger. But what to do at the sushi bar?

Well, kids, I gotta tell you – this is a hard one for me, too. But the alternative: dead oceans devoid of anything but lionfish…that’s not a future I want!

So, glass half full says we look forward to discovering new sushi options we haven’t tried and might just love. And our friends at Blue Ocean Institute, as well as the Seafood Watch program and the Environmental Defense Fund all are here to help.

Talk about a made man, if you got these guys in your pocket, you are golden. Doom and Gloom? Fuggedaboudit!

The cards will be out soon, but the press is out now. Beginning October 22 you can find the guide of your choice, plus information, here at each of these three sites:

Blue Ocean Institute, Environmental Defense Fund, and Monterey Bay Aquarium are also part of a larger consortium of marine conservation organizations known as the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions ( In May, the consortium released its “Common Vision for Environmentally Sustainable Seafood,” promoting steps companies can take to develop and implement comprehensive corporate policies on sustainable wild-caught and farmed seafood.

Don’t forget we’re about to Teach a Man to Fish

Our annual sustainable seafood blog event, Teach a Man to Fish takes place this October 1 – 15. Hey, it’ll give you something to do while you wait for your sushi cards!

Join bloggers and authors like Clotilde Dusouliers of Chocolate and Zucchini, Chef Rick Moonen author of Gourmet Magazine’s # 1 cookbook club pick Fish Without a Doubt and even an Eco-Ambassador of Weather Channel fame. We share recipes, photos, and stories about what we’re learning about incorporating sustainable seafood choices into our lives. Last year, we even had a NASCAR driver join the fun.

Last year’s round up is here, “It’s a Wrap!”.

~ by jacqueline1230 on September 26, 2008.

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