FrankenFish…Not in my Dish!

Lots of news to share and it leads us perfectly to our sustainable seafood blog event: Teach a Man to Fish.

Sustainable Sushi

You’ve heard the news and it’s decidedly mixed. We simply cannot keep eating any fish we like, as we have in the past, if we claim to care about our ocean environments. The difference between the land and the seas when it comes to conservation, is that we can see the scarred barren land when a forest has been clear-cut or when fields have been depleted. With the ocean, much of the damage is simply hard for most of us to see.

We might poke fun at “tree huggers” but who knows about the polluted deadzones in the middle of the oceans? Who sees the floating islands of garbage or the chemical spills or dumps that create huge fish kills?

This sign and flowers were left at the fishermen’s monument when the damages award against Exxon was eviscerated.

Ask the fine people of Prince William Sound who live with the effects of the Valdez spill even while Palin and others advocate for a new mine, the Pebble Project. Proponents promise to protect the habitat and the salmon but just ask folks how that promise to “make them whole” from the CEO of Exxon worked out for them…

This Shame Pole is inscribed with the CEO’s promise “We will make you whole.”

But this news – from the folks entrusted with our Food Safety issues – this is really bad.

Barry Estabrook brings us frightening news that the FDA is fast-tracking (seems to me, at least) the approval of genetically modified fish. Worse: they’re planning on bringing it to market WITHOUT consumer info labels.

“If you care to tell the FDA what you think, follow this handy link provided by the Center for Food Safety.”

Thanks Barry, I just did. And the link is easy to use, they also give you an option to forward the letter to others.

I urge everyone to say no to this, click the link, make your voice heard and forward this to a friend! We have a right to know what we’re buying.

~ by jacqueline1230 on September 26, 2008.

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