On Broads and Scoff-Laws

Brown Liquor

I was in a Rye kinda mood. My date had called and said to rendezvous at this swank place I’d always ditched in favor of the dives I like better. I had to dress for it and prepared myself to be on good behavior. Yep it was gonna be a brown liquor kinda night. So when the bar man with the 38th floor view asked me what I was drinking, I asked for Rye.

Just ask Matt (or Mary the old friend I ran into at the bar after just discussing with Matt that we were at the ONE place in the city that I was sure not to run into anyone I knew…)

But I asked the bartender for Rye. I was going to have a Manhattan. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love me some Bourbon. But I guess I was thinking of my girl Catherine and her late father’s Manhattans were made with Rye. I’m seeing her soon on her once a year visit from her glamorous expat life in Cambodia (freshly anointed by the Times as one of the hot Asian places to visit…)

Well the Hahvahd club bar was outta rye. Beats all, doesn’t it? So I had a glass of wine just to be social…

LUPEC’s Cocktail Party – Celebrating the Scoff Law

Then we made our way over to the LUPEC event and lo and behold the endangered cocktail of the month? The Scoff Law. The base liquor? Rye.

Sometimes things are just firing on all cylinders. But then, that usually happens when you’re out with Matt.

See the LUPEC site for the history and recipe for a Scoff Law.

Other Cocktail news:

The Jack Rose is covered in the new Wall St Journal on-line zine. Apparently, they’ve deigned to come down from Olympus to give us mortals a glimpse into their world. Like we haven’t seen enough THIS week! We also note that bars around Wall St are said to be doing brisk business. As if that’s a surprise to anyone.

The food and drink section of the WSJ on-line edition, is overall, pretty lame. But, this one piece on the Jack Rose Cocktail, A Hood, a Posy and a Swell is interesting and right up our alley. A shady character, a great rich dame, Gotham society parties, gamblers, stoolies, oh yea, this story has it all…


Genever is (Coming) Back

Some of you are saying – don’t you mean gin? Well, actually no. Genever was gin’s predecessor. Seems the drinking public has been deemed to be ready to return to more complex drinks so Bols and others have resurrected or recreated genever recipes of old. According to Florence Fabricant, malted grains and the distilling process itself, means that genever can have more in common with Scotch, than say London Dry Gin. Though, recipes or profiles for all three vary; genevers, gins, and Scotches.

I love my gin and my Scotch, I’ll have to put this to the test.  I think I see another LUPEC event on the horizon…[ed note: of course they’re right on time, ahead of me! See here: Genever -it’s a Dutch Thing.]

The Scoff Law

Great group of broads, great time, great cocktail.

See the Weekly Dig for up to the minute reportage by the very clever and very fun Pink Lady

~ by jacqueline1230 on September 25, 2008.

4 Responses to “On Broads and Scoff-Laws”

  1. “So (alas), i had a glass of wine just to be social….” HA!

    Thank you for pointing out the new wall st journal zine.

    We had a genever cocktail at Death & Co in NYC, by the way…put that place on your list next time you’re down there.

  2. Hi lady! Thanks for the link love, so thrilled that you had a fabulous time at the event! Here also is the link to a little post & column we did on Genever a few weeks back: http://lupecboston.com/2008/09/03/genever-its-a-dutch-thing/.

    It was such a thrill to meet the Leather District Gourmet in person!

  3. Death & Co. was represented in SF at Slow Foods! Def on the list. Link love my only dalliance now that I’m married!

  4. […] Then you must have seen the lovely photo loaned to us so generously by fellow Boston blogger, the Leather District Gourmet. LDG shot this pic at our very first LUPEC Boston Meet & Greet held at Tremont 647 last […]

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