Cheeseburger in Paradise, Say it Ain’t So

If the United States had to have a motto, we could go with:

“Exporting the worst we have to offer to the people of the world.”

But then, I guess China could say they beat us to that. We’re only doing saturated fats and greenhouse gases, after all. Hard to beat antifreeze in toothpaste or lead paint in baby toys. But – I digress…

As we look at our ever-expanding collective waistlines and our environmental decline, we’ve begun to notice a precipitous decline in our own mental health as well. It’s just all too depressing. Now comes the news that we are exporting our crappiest food to what used to be the healthiest countries.

The NYTimes announced the demise of the Mediterranean Diet . When Greek pediatricians are seeing more obesity, diabetes and such in their patient populations at the same time experts and nutritionists here are urging us to eat more like them, we scratch our heads. But then we discover that those unhealthy kids are the ones who are eating an American diet. Foregoing the very healthy diets of their parents and their grandparents, apparently kids today in Greece are spending too much time with the likes of this guy.

This creepy character (see sidebar for more) keeps turning up outside a guy’s bedroom window, surprising lumberjacks in the middle of forest, now he’s stalking the streets and cramming money in guys’ pants. Thanks to the likes of him, one quarter of the kids on Crete now have cholesterol problems.


~ by jacqueline1230 on September 24, 2008.

One Response to “Cheeseburger in Paradise, Say it Ain’t So”

  1. This so true! I have traveled a lot overseas and have seen such an amazing influence of our “bad-for-you” cuisine. Especially our fast food joints like McD’s and BurgerK’s That is why you see rates of obesity in places like Greece and China. I saw other article about obesity in kids that rally hammers home the problems. You can see it here:

    Great post about othere obesity in kids from othere countries!

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