Bullwinkle Meet Bull

This post on NYT.com says what I’ve been trying tell people who are impressed with McPalin’s ability to “bag a moose.” It’s just what they do up there in Alaska. Trust me – when Sue – proprietor of Sue’s Knives – filling her honor system 50¢ bags of popcorn, acknowledges the sign you’ve just noticed in her window “I got my moose.” She’s proud.

She offers to show this inquisitive city girl her snapshots of the moose. I think it was the fuschia parka which she commented on. Sue’s shop has, along with the knives and bargain hunting gear, lots of purple. Incense burners and hair bands and such. This is what Alaska is like. It’s practical, it’s beautiful, it’s sometimes a little…interesting in its contrasts.

I was thrilled to see Sue’s pictures. Her moose was formidable. I swear the head of it (that had to come off for her and her hunting partner to be able to get the thing into the boat) sitting on the ground, was nearly as tall as Sue!

She laughed when I asked her what kind of gun one shoots a moose with.

“A pretty big one.”

Well done, Sue. And, thanks for sharing the pictures!

And my dinner companion the last night there told me he’d not had beef until he moved away. The families count on getting a license and bagging one. When Sue told me she got about 700 lbs of meat from a 900 lb moose, I understood.

To see what one can do with moose meat, see Chef Reik’s Bullwinkle Sliders recipe here.

You could wash’em down with some anchovy-OJ courtesy of our weird science food folk. When I talk about adding superfoods to your diet, I’m not talking about science lab superfoods – I’m talking about things like black chickpeas, wheatberries. Whole foods and real foods not “nutraceuticals.”  That stuff is what’s gotten us into so much trouble to begin with …High Fructose Corn Syrup isn’t natural and your body knows it.

Eat real whole foods and you’ll have fewer problems and won’t need these processed, packaged unnatural foods…’nuff said. Now go have some broccoli infused chocolate if you like, I’m sticking to organic, dark chocolate with toffee bits. Just a small piece.

~ by jacqueline1230 on September 18, 2008.

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