PSSST – Hey you, how about a secret cocktail? PDT says maybe you’re invited.

or Please Don’t Tell.

Call it stroke of genius meets Maxwell Smart.

Here’s how it works. A “secret” procedure involving a vintage phone booth and non-descript cards (they’re black with red foil print, snake biting its tail!).

Add distribution by bartenders who selectively (ha – I’ve gotten two) give out cards to people who are encouraged that they will “get in” by dint of pre-qualification by said barman.

The first invite and instructions I got went straight to my head. The generous “manager’s not in yet” pours I was getting may have contributed. I gave the card to my niece. She’s half my age and new to NYC. Figured the odds were better that she would both (a) get in and (b) enjoy it.

The thrill of it all coupled with the exclusivity and the warning that one shouldn’t tell… It’s a prescription for “so done, so over, so instantly five minutes ago” or… success.

Guess what – it’s said to be swell! How can it NOT be when you get good retro cocktails AND hot dogs. The phone booth is in Crif Dogs, I believe. Maybe there’s a secret passageway…

See this in NYMag via DrinkBoston. Thanks Lauren!

Cue Maxwell Smart – just tell him not to use the shoe phone.

Would ya believe?

So all of this is just back-story to tell you about Eastern Standard’s new bartender Daniel Eun. Like the foreign exchange student we were never allowed to have – Daniel is on loan to Eastern Standard – coming to us from, you guessed it, PDT. Eastern Standard’s Kevin Martin is on loan to PDT.

This evening I was invited to join a group of writers at Eastern Standard to welcome Peggy Grodinsky to Boston. Peggy left the Houston Chronicle to become editor of Cook’s Country right here in Brookline. Peggy is missing her friends in Houston and feeling understandably mixed about not being there with them. It will certainly be our gain to have her here and we wish her friends and ours in Houston the best during the Ike-recovery. Peggy is the woman rumored to have made tofu appealing to Texans. Now that’s some cred, pardner!

Introducing myself as I entered to the bartender and to our host for the evening, I mentioned I’d like to have the bartender-in-residence’s signature drink. He was pointed out to me “down the bar, the one not wearing black and white.” I looked down the bar and saw one tall gentleman in a midnight blue shirt.

I might be forgiven then, when I looked stunned and confused to be introduced to Daniel, and found myself shaking hands with a totally different guy. I also remembered the picture on Lauren’s DrinkBoston blog. This Daniel fellow was not the guy in that picture.

The reason being: THAT guy in the picture is Eastern Standard’s bartender, Kevin Martin. Doh!

So in my long list of Thank yous for this evening…

  1. I have to start with Clare Leschin-Hoar for pulling this event together to debut Peggy for us.
  2. Eastern Standard for taking care of us.
  3. Lauren for providing the timely scoopage so I could be au courante at the soiree, telling all my sister writers about the exchange program.
  4. And, mostly, Daniel for oh-so politely ignoring my deer-in-headlights look past him, down the bar, as I introduced myself and explained I was hoping to meet the bartender in residence…

He makes a mean cocktail and he’s a very nice man! I’ll make it up next time I’m in, promise.

Daniel Eun’s “BlackBeard” cocktail.

  • 1.5  gin
  • .75 Aquavit
  • .75 fresh pineapple juice
  • .5 fresh lemon
  • .5 agave syrup 5-6 blackberries

Dry shake, pour over crushed ice. Mint Sprig.

It was delicious, well-balanced and refreshing. Perhaps more than could be said for me!

  • Clare’s writing can be found in many places including Where Magazine, Wall St. Journal, and more. See here.
  • Lauren’s excellent blog, DrinkBoston is here.
  • Cook’s Country can be found here.
  • Eastern Standard can be found in Kenmore Square. Read about it here.

~ by jacqueline1230 on September 17, 2008.

4 Responses to “PSSST – Hey you, how about a secret cocktail? PDT says maybe you’re invited.”

  1. Thanks for chronicling a super-fun evening, Jacqueline!

  2. It was a fun evening! And great to meet you in person. Thanks for DrinkBoston, too – keeps me in the know!

  3. That drink looked fresh and appealing will all those blackberries – I’ll have to go back and try it (or attempt it myself) Enjoyed getting instant playback on last night – I hope you write about your trip to Slow Food Nation, since I didn’t get to attend.

  4. Cathy – good to reconnect with you! The drink really was refreshing. I’m sure I looked tres elegant digging them out of my empty glass, too!

    Check this post on Slow Food

    and this one on the Slow Spirits session.


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