News and the Cocktail Hour

Here’s the email I just sent to WBZ: (re: Anchor Jonathan Elias)

Subject line: Your anchor needs to get out more

The beverage is curaçao – like the country. It’s pronounced “Cure-uh- sow”

The funny squiggly thing under the ç on his teleprompter is called a cedille and it tells you that the C – is pronounced like an S –

It’s not “care-uh-ko” as he pronounced it. He needs to come have a drink in the LD! First one’s on me. We can skip the earrings, I’m married.

WBZ ran a story of “a bar that’s pouring some $3,300 martinis.” The drinks include gin, curaçao and a pair of diamond hoop earrings as garnish. The bar, it turns out, is Scott’s Seafood – one of my favorites! Thanks to Gluttonista for setting the record straight.

And this just in from New York:

The Astor Center’s Martini Tasting was a success. Such a success that our reporter is still recovering. Hopefully, the story will be filed in the near future. If you’re interesting in bumping up your mixology skills why not take their next cocktails class: Elements of Mixology.

Coast to coast Cocktails:

Don’t forget to “Go Slow” when you drink. Drinking responsibly takes a new meaning when you think about Slow Spirits. See my story on FoodBuzz here.

~ by jacqueline1230 on September 13, 2008.

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