Eating San Francisco – Slowly, Decadently, Luxuriously and with Cocktails

Is there a better food town than SF? I don’t know. Few I’ve been to come close in terms of quality and diversity.

From my “tastes” at Slow Foods (no, I didn’t try the S’mores from the bicycle burners) including lots of charcuterie, heritage pork, prosciutto, sparkling honey mead, apple ciders of four different styles. The cheese line snaked so far out the door and down the dock I vowed only to wait in it if I ended up tall, blond and twenty. Okay, I caved. My third or fourth pass the line was only near the door…

…to Yank Sing which easily sets the new bar for Dim Sum. Peking Duck on a cart? Are you kidding? No, I’m not. Xiu long bao so delicate, a second order was necessary just to reassure ourselves that the first was not a dream.

Sushi at Ozumo – possibly one of the best sushi dinners ever (at least in the top three or so, and I’ve had it in Tokyo across the street from Tsukiji, at Yasuda, Morimoto, OYa, Oishii…)

The Ferry Market – a beautifully restored ferry landing and market. Boccalone is there, Chef Chris Cosentino’s head to tail salumeria. Hog Island oysters with Diane and a couple I ran into at Slow Foods the next day.

Vietnamese with Lia in the Tenderloin. My intro to “true Ha Noi style” Vietnamese food.

Acme Chophouse at AT & T park.

Slow Down – Eat

Our tastes at Slow and the Go and the Marketplace included: Dahi papdi chaat crispy, tart, sweet and creamy all in one; Benton’s ham biscuits; Let’s Be Frank grass-fed beef hot dogs; Pork bun from Slanted Door; iced New Orleans style coffee (with Chicory) from Blue Bottle; watermelon agua fresca, tamales. If we missed a corner of the globe, it was only because a line was too long.

The Marketplace yielded tastes and treats, too. Four Sisters, Three Twins, Happy Girl, Pan-o-Rama bread. The names alone were entertaining. New products from old favorites and new vendors altogether. Most all using local, organic, seasonal ingredients. Raw milk, organic rice, ice cream, tomatoes, vinegar. Our take-home haul included: coffee, wheatberries, Katz’ Sauvignon Blanc vinegar, Koda Farms heirloom rice.

And Drink

Slow Spirits were just allowed to “Come to the Table” themselves. , the organization, just this year allowed Spirits to join the party. Like letting them graduate from the kiddy table at Thanksgiving.

I covered the Spirits workshop for FoodBuzz (click on the sidebar Food Buzz badge or click here.) Big surprise for me was the sparkling honey mead. I expected cloying sweet, heavy. I got light, bubbly and refreshing. Note to self: talk to Howie at Bauer.

An Anniversary, of sorts

And trips like this one are why I’m so glad Caleb asked me to marry him five years ago today! Thanks sweetie – looking forward to many more meals and I’m so glad we’re back in the gym!

~ by jacqueline1230 on September 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Eating San Francisco – Slowly, Decadently, Luxuriously and with Cocktails”

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  2. Great photos, jack!

    Very interested in that honey mead…is it high in alcohol, dry? Love to figure out how that is made (fermentation in the bottle? in the vat)? Interesting stuff

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