A Dish to Curry Favor

Got to try this! Does anyone know the origin of the phrase “to curry favor?”

Black chickpeas add drama, flavor, protein. Click on the link (here or in sidebar) to read my whole Black Foods, Superfoods, article on Suite101.

Tonight, I added black chickpeas to a curry dish that I improvised. It was a riff on the recipe I brought to our fourth floor Indian Potluck. Raghavan Iyer’s demo in Monterey was so inspiring and fun. I requested and received a copy of his book to review. After the class and just a few dips into the boo, I know why the IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) gave him the “teacher of the year” award.

In the meantime, this dish is my new favorite. The nutty aroma of mustard seeds popping gently in canola oil, then the fragrant spices, the curry leaves, light coconut milk. It’s a rich, nutty, positively addictive combination.

This chicken dish rocks. (Sorry the photography isn’t so great – one reason that energy efficient bulbs are not my favorite is the light they cast!) We marinated chicken drumsticks in a fennel-cardamom-chili-garlic rub, overnight.

Then, throwing the sauce together takes no time. I used a couple tablespoons of mustard seeds (popped in oil) then added diced red onion, the black chickpeas, sambhar masala, curry leaves, a can of light coconut milk and half a can of diced tomatoes. Really the only prep work is dicing the onion. I cooked the chickpeas Saturday. You could easily use canned.

Our dinner on Sunday opened a new adventure in cooking. I can see that it must have been hell for his editor to cull thousands of pages of work down to the 800 or so here. And heaven, too. Imagine all those recipes? With 660 Curries I do feel a bit like I’ve been given the keys to a new kingdom.

The review’s coming soon, for now, check out Chef Iyer’s blog, here and just look at the pages left out!

~ by jacqueline1230 on September 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “A Dish to Curry Favor”

  1. I’ve never seen black chickpeas … leave it to you to teach me something new!

    “Curry favor” has nothing o do with the spice, everything to do with the other meaning, to groom or pamper.

  2. Well I know that, silly goose. But how did that curry come to current usage? Curry is a term in horse grooming and some of the origins mean to prepare … maybe that’s the etymology. See, I really am a word geek. Tried to warn ya!

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