Hello! My Name is Irony and I’m an Alcoholic.


I waited for the final session of my first Slow Food event here at the Fort Mason Center. I was covering the session for the FoodBuzz community.

As I sat and shuffled paper, perused programs and checked voicemail, more than one person gave me a robust “Hello!”

I watched as a couple people were milling about, smoking cigarettes, chugging on Vente Lattes, joking with friends. One gentleman, a little older than me or the others, came over and said “Hi, are you one of us?”

I said, “Oh, I thought that’s what was happening. No, I’m not, but I get it. I’m here for another workshop. But thanks!”

Few minutes later I walked into the building and was again greeted heartily, “Hi! I’m Jill, Welcome!”

I said “Hello, I’m Jackie and I’m actually headed to a different meeting, but thanks.”

So the AA meeting was happening on one floor and just above it, the Slow Spirits workshop. Irony, defined.

While we tasted libations sustainably produced, sipped artisanal cocktails and shared stories of drinking, I thought about the other meeting. One guy in our class even shared a bit too much and left in embarassment, perhaps he found the other meeting. At least they were nice, unlike the jerk in Slow Spirits who felt compelled to make a joke at the expense of the learned if lubricated participant in our class.

Way to build community, dude.

More soon on the whole weekend – including some pretty funny moments in and outside of the Slow Food events.

~ by jacqueline1230 on September 2, 2008.

7 Responses to “Hello! My Name is Irony and I’m an Alcoholic.”

  1. Jacqueline, it was a pleasure to run into you TWICE at Slow Food Nation. I hope you had a fun time visiting our fair city, despite the unusual heatwave. I hoist a libation to you, and hope our paths cross again at more foodie events in the future.

  2. Carolyn – I just read there were something like 60K people in attendance. That would explain why it was nothing short of a miracle that we found each other! Twice! We loved our time in your city. What a great place it is. I’ll hoistone to you, too! And Yank Sing rocked my world!!!

  3. Jacqueline,
    I don’t know you (nor you, me), but I wanted to say thanks for helping me relive a great taste workshop from the weekend. I felt bad for the guy that had a bit too much to drink, but like they say: sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes the bar eats you. Overall, I’d say SFN was a good time – but the work of connecting food, environment and people in a sustainable way remains to be done. I did have quite a chuckle to myself when I saw that the slow spirits tasting and AA meeting were scheduled at the same time. Well done. Thanks for the memory lane trip. I’ll keep your blog on my radar. Check me out (soon) at Eat. Drink. Better.

  4. Thanks Bryan for stopping by! I’ve got TONS more to write and will be posting on a local Boston Drinks blog as well as FoodBuzz, too. Please keep me posted on your blog and add mine to your feed, or sign up for my newsletter to keep in touch.

    Cheers – and hope Hanna leaves you alone!
    – Jacqueline

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