New Restos in LD – Mixed Blessings

Three Bites of Resto News


Bad mixed-up Asian-esque food when you’re one block from Chinatown? Who’s the brainiac behind this debacle soon to open in the LD? 8 health code violations doesn’t exactly make my mouth water.

With a name like “Beijing-Tokyo” you have to be a little skeptical. The sign appeared on the South Street window. The word on the chow boards is bad teriyaki. Great. Just what we needed.

No website tells you there’s no corporate presence behind it. Not so reassuring.

Anyone hankering for EITHER Beijing or Tokyo -style food, (and guess what – they are different!) Please ask me for advice! Hell ask me if I’m hungry, we’ll go grab lunch together. Some place good. And authentic.

And more superfluous food news:

We didn’t apparently have enough in the way of sub shops (!) here. We can look forward to Al’s State Street Cafe soon, too. At least as sub shops go, the sandwiches I occasionally ordered from Al’s when working downtown were decent enough, as I recall. Then again, that job was hell so stepping out to chew glass would have felt like respite.

You can find Al’s State Street menus here.

Finally some good food news in the nabe:

Boston Deli Deluxe, I’ve just learned, is now serving dinner. This is a place that might be easy to forget about.

I have to admit, I haven’t been in there in ages. You know C’town is my go-to choice for a quick and cheap meal. But I’ve always had a decent bite at the BDD.

A good, fresh meal, served quickly, with a smile, at a reasonable price – wouldn’t seem too much to ask. In this city it can sometimes feel like that’s the proverbial needle in a haystack. We’ve got a good little spot here. I’ve got to remember Boston Deli Deluxe.

Last week or so I was on my to Sagarino’s and Chris Betke, of the LDNA, pulled me in to show me their new dinner menu. There’s a curtain to cozy up the space for the dinner hour and the menu had items such as pasta bolognese. Again, reasonable prices prevail. Looks like at least one satisfied customer has commented on the pasta there, see the LDNA (Leather District Neighborhood Association) blog, here.

~ by jacqueline1230 on August 23, 2008.

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