Why I Love Barry Estabrook and Love Caleb Ho, Even More

Reading piece on high fructose corn syrup reminded me of my forgotten post on National Rootbeer Float Day (August 6th). My husband Caleb is a huge fan, I had a lovely photo picked out and then – life happens and days pass…I was going to do it for him and then suggest we go out for a walk and get one. Oops. I owe you one, honey!
August 6 – National Rootbeer Float Day

Barry points out new research on things that make us fat. That’s not why I love Barry, of course, but you tolerate things when you fall for someone, “whole package” and all that. Barry was so nice tromping about Earthbound Farms with me in Monterey. So all is forgiven, Barry.

Here are a few stunners:

High Fructose Corn Syrup – the introduction of it into the American diet corresponds with the obesity epidemic and new research happens to demonstrate how rapidly our bodies turn HFCS into fat.
– The new Girl Scout partnership with DQ allowing their “Thin mints” to be incorporated into a Blizzard means many more opportunities to share the fat love…despite their new food connections merit badge. 1,080 calories, 31 teaspoons of sugar, 130 percent of the recommended daily intake of saturated fat, with 1.5 grams of trans fat acting as the artery-destroying cherry on top of each of these nutritional nightmares. Mmm mmm good. (It probably is delicious. Maybe get one on a special occasion and share it with five others and that’d be a compromise..?)

Finally, thinking of the tomalley in lobsters, Caleb and I were sucking the heads of some yummy sam wo ha (or third lake shrimp) in Chinatown tonight (free foodie tip: Olympics in China + August Moon = excellent food in Chinatown this week) and recalling how our friend John loves the tomalley in lobster. Sopping up what little shrimp head goo I dribbled on the plate, I shuddered at the tomalley grossness. And that was before I knew how bad it is for you. John, don’t read Barry’s column if you want to keep enjoying it.

Barry mentions his perfect dining partner and it reminded me of mine.

Oysters? We love them. Caleb always seems to be done after a couple and I have to finish them. Foie gras? He’s full after a bite. It’s a bother, but I finish his foie. Cocktails? He really only wanted a sip or two, so I have to finish many of his drinks, too. When you’re in love, you have to make some sacrifices. I should give him a merit badge for being the perfect dining partner.

My History with Scouting

I remember asking my Mom to please let me quit as I got increasingly frustrated with what we did in scouts. I wanted to camp and learn camping skills, tents, fires, hiking, etc. What did we do?

We made “sit-upons” – we stitched vinyl tablecloths over folded newspaper and attached it to a waistband. Why, you might rightly ask, would we do that? Well, when you’re in the woods hiking and you need to sit down for lunch, you don’t want to get dirty, do you? Handily, we had our sit-upons conveniently and ridiculously flapping on our backsides. Then there were the margarine tub purses…

Imagine a little 11 year old me – looking my Mom straight in the eye:

Mom – This sit-upon is ridiculous. Plus, I’m pretty sure if I’m stranded in the woods, knowing how to make a macrame purse from a margarine tub will not be a survival skill.

We both laughed, I won. I quit. What could she do? (Thanks Mom!)

So now they have “food connections” badges? Barry suggests they could stitch the DQ Blizzard image next to the carrot.

But where would the rootbeer float go?

~ by jacqueline1230 on August 15, 2008.

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