Pickle Juice Lovers – Come Out of the Closet!

Pickle Pops or PickleSickles, as they were known just a short while ago arrived at my doorstep. Ever vigilant for something new on the culinary horizon, my husband found these…and they’ve been in the freezer. Once in a while, they hit the spot, but I can’t say it’s always top of the mind as a treat.

Tonight while making dinner the “Unwrapped” show was on, and there they were. When I first heard of the PJD phenomenon it was on Diary of Food Whore. Now Slashfood and others are coming out. Who knew there were so many PJDs out there? I can see a 12 step program now…Hi, my name is Jackie and I drink pickle juice.

I like a Pickle Sickle Pop every now and then but prefer the crunch of a pickle. Know what it’s really good for?

Potato salad! Take one out of the freezer while your spuds are boiling. When they’re done, douse them with the pickle juice and proceed as usual. Very nice addition to the potato salad.

Quick Japanese Style Pickles

Tonight’s pickles were Japanese variety of sunomono (is that what it’s called Mom?) I used my new less-scary version of a mandoline (my real French one is in storage). The Oxo one has a hand guard and pretty easy dial system…anyway..tonight’s Japanese-style pickles included:

Microwave Dashi – I know, I know. But it’s quick and tasty. I used that really good kombu from Hokkaido, katsuobushi in a tea sac, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, sprinkle of crushed black and white sesame seeds. Now I have a small bottle of homemade dashi (that’s pure umami goodness) in the fridge. Waiting for somen or other things to bring an umami dash to.

Also in the pickles: Japanese cucumbers (the best!) organic carrots, radishes, onions. All sliced thin and marinated in the dashi-vinegar mix. Oishii!

Japanese style quick pickles

Looking at that picture, can’t you just hear Julia Child saying she doesn’t like food that’s too pretty because you know it’s a sure sign someone’s fingers have been all over your food?

~ by jacqueline1230 on July 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “Pickle Juice Lovers – Come Out of the Closet!”

  1. Quick pickles like above would be complimented by adding softened dried Wakame (the seaweed). Looks scrumptious. Let me know if this has gone through.

  2. I’ll have to look for that in Kotobukiya! Thanks.

  3. I saw that on Unwrapped as well. I thought it was odd. Though I haven’t tried the pops, I would think I would prefer the crunch of the pickle, too. Also, they didn’t specify what brand of pickle they use. Could make a big difference. I’m a Claussen man myself. Unless we’re talking bread & butter chips, then it’s Mt. Olive all the way.

    Interesting pickle side note. When we were younger, at least, when Rob would get the hiccups, he would have Claussen kosher dill and they go right away. Don’t know if it still holds true and if the juice alone would work, but there you go.

  4. Hello Jacqueline, thanks for the post. We appreciate your time writing this. Very funny about the pickle juice drunks. We are selling the juice in half liter bottles too. We have to thank the many moms in Texas over the years making home made versions for their kids. Who would have thought. We are using Best Maid pickles from Texas FYI.

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