Licked Their Bowls Clean,They Did. A New England Lobster Boil, LDGourmet style

Our New England Lobster Boil

I promised I’d never let this blog become a “what I had for dinner tonight” blog. With few exceptions, reading about someone’s dinner is just not that entertaining. (For the exceptions see my sidebar.)

So what makes my dinner tonight different?

  1. Guests licking bowls.
  2. Guests requesting cups of broth to drink.
  3. A great vegetable or two you’ve probably never tried.
  4. A fantastic dessert that is SO easy to make, everyone should try it.
  5. Copper River Salmon.

Okay, it’s a little different when it’s good friends and not really “company” and they’re licking the bowl. Still, it was a sight to see and I took as the highest compliment.

To start:

Smoked Copper River Salmon, Freshly-grated Horseradish, creme fraîche, dill spread. Farmer’s market radishes with butter and salt. See my Copper River photo album here.

A Chopped Salad:
Lemon cucumbers, Japanese and Marketmore Cucumbers, Red & Orange Peppers, Red Onion, Purslane (The best vegetable you’ve never had), Feta Cheese. Tossed with lemon juice, lemon zest, olive oil, za’atar spices, fresh from the garden herbs, nigella seeds.

Our friends supplied the huge lobsters, steamers and littlenecks. Thanks guys!! (Tip: place clams in a big bowl of water and cornmeal. They’ll take in some cornmeal with their water and disgorge their sand when they expel the cornmeal.)

I got the broth going before they arrived:

Sauteed in olive oil and butter:

  • Vegetables: Onion, Celery, Fennel, Chorizo, Fennel tops, corn on the cob (added last, on top of seafood.)
  • Added Herbs: Chervil, Chives, Parsley, Thyme, Dill
  • Spices: Allspice berries, Bali Peppercorns, 4 Thai chilies, bay leaves
  • Poured in a beer, some Vya, a lemon quartered.
  • From the freezer: seafood broth, shrimp shells (tied in cheesecloth).

Not necessarily a traditional boil, but when cups are requested for drinking the broth, you’re probably doing something right. Butter was barely touched! This is a great example of how keeping shrimp shells, making your own broths for freezing is so wonderful. Our broth was a well-balanced, full flavored soup, really.

Two excellent rosé wines, one from Sicily and one from Italy. Thanks Bauer Wines!

Blueberry crumble. Farmer’s market blueberries, tossed with lemon zest, sugar, splash of orange flower water. The trick is not to add too much sugar. Crumble top: brown sugar, flour, butter. We had some cream to use up, but it doesn’t really need it. Whipped cream with rosewater and confectioner’s sugar.

Fresh blueberriesCrumble heading into the oven Crumble, done.

Can you believe we didn’t touch it till after dinner?

~ by jacqueline1230 on July 25, 2008.

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