Cordova on My Mind. That, and Burgers.

From snow capped peaks to skyscrapers.

Sunset is pretty late, see the moon? This was midnight.

I’m dragging a bit but a red-eye will do that to you. Well, that, and days of eating, drinking, and seeing the sights.

Brandy was a fantastic host, driver, tour guide down to the last minutes of the trip – quite generous!

Brandy Johnson, Exec. Dir. Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing Assoc.

Thanks to everyone in Cordova, for a great time.

The Prince William Sound/the Copper River Salmon and the Alaska Seafood Marketing folks all did a great job at welcoming our happy crew of writers and chefs. Our hosts at the Reluctant Fisherman, and people all over town were terrific and enthusiastic in welcoming us.

As Carolyn said, we’ll always think of you and our time in Cordova when enjoying Copper River Salmon.

I’ll be posting more here and on Suite101. This was just a quick post and maybe an excuse to look at the hundreds of pictures of that beautiful little village again before bed.

(standing, l – r) Bill Webber, Gulkana Seafoods Direct; Adam Newton, Executive Chef The Oceanaire Seafood Room, Atlanta; Julia Rutland, Coastal Living Magazine; Chef Jeremy Storm, Cordova; Trevor E. White, Executive Chef The Oceanaire Seafood Room, Houston; Chef Dominic Cerino; Carolyn Jung, The; (front) Chef Regan Reik, Pier W, Lakewood; Lia Huber, Prevention,Cooking Light

Burgers Everywhere

8 oz Burger Bar, on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles. Bouchon, Ad Hoc, BLT. Everyone is doing burgers now. Boston’s not left in the dust for once. Kingston Station and Pops (see review here) both make fantastic burgers. Four Burgers by Michael Bissanti (of the Paramount on Charles Street) got a good review from the Globe.

Moose sliders, anyone?

Oh yeah. Delicious.

Researching moose recipes turns up a pretty interesting array of sites. One thing came up a couple of places: Moose Nose. I couldn’t help but wonder if this is similar to cock’s comb we had jellied in our Head to Tail dinner at the Astor Center. Chef Cosentino is in August Food and Wine. See the article here: A Carnivore’s Cookout. It’s also referred to as a Cowboy Picnic, but I’m not sure if the cowboys had bagna cauda and pureed burrata but hey, who knows?

In fact, sustainability, eating locally and giving back took on new meaning, each and together. Cordova Alaska opened her doors and gave us a seat at the table in such a welcoming way. Read about the menu here in my burger post on Suite.

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One Response to “Cordova on My Mind. That, and Burgers.”

  1. I love being able to hear your “voice” so much clearer behind your words now, Jacqui, after having spent five days in Cordova with you. I’ll be checking in soon about where to go in Boston!

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