Words What are Words Worth?

I listened to this quick clip from NPR and thought how fitting it comes on the heels of George Carlin’s death. Seems Chef Gordon Ramsay used a certain four-letter word 80 times in 40 minutes during show airing in Australia… and folks got a little upset about that.

Remember the Gordon Ramsay “Hell’s Kitchen” drinking game I invented? Do the math.

No one, I repeat: No one should drive home after this game. Stay on the couch, assuming you can even find it.

Or, Just pop in The Tom Tom Club’s Wordy Rappinghood and dance.

If you really want to sober everyone up and kill the party you could watch the clip of Meredith Vieira apologizing after Jane Fonda said the C-word on NBC’s morning show. Can you say “shameless plug” and poor show direction followed by insincere sheepish apology?

I can’t decide who looks worse after this: Vieira or Fonda…maybe it’s Ensler. A smart enough woman sitting in between them knowing she should be ashamed of herself…? Writers at Esquire are upset that the word has lost its punch for men, they’re really pissed that women have “reclaimed it.” I for one, won’t be first to reclaim it, ick…but in Fonda’s case, I might make an exception.

Ahh George, we hardly knew ye.

One of my Inked-In writer buddies referred to GC as the Boddhisattva Comedian. It got me thinking of that Steely Dan song and stumbled upon this terrific video of deaf dancers choreographed to this song. Fabu! Actually, in deference to GC Fucking Fabu.

~ by jacqueline1230 on June 24, 2008.

4 Responses to “Words What are Words Worth?”

  1. That is one of the best fucking videos ever.

  2. Dancing their tits off!

  3. that is really trippy.

  4. and they’re fucking deaf!

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