Breakfast of Champions – Mine or KG’s?

a TRUE Champion, Mr. Kevin Garnett

First strawberries of the season

And another bumper crop of eggs (thanks to neighbors). A second attempt at lox. Finally, that curly cress. Mmm Mmm.

To answer the nutrition data question (click here for an intro to this terrific site) about curly cress: it is a powerhouse. % in Daily Values. (Wheaties one cup comparison)

A one cup serving contains:

  • 69% of your Vitamin A (10%)
  • 58% of your Vitamin C (10%)
  • 339% Vitamin K (1%)
  • 10% Folate (50%)
  • 8% Riboflavin (50%)
  • 4% Iron (47%)
  • 3% Thiamine/Niacin (50%)
  • 2% Vitamin E (2%)

All that for only 16 calories! (110 Calories)

My breakfast: a slice of home cured lox on a perfectly boiled farm-fresh egg, curly cress, red onion. And a piece of lightly toasted bread with light boursin cheese and lox. Coffee. Lots of Coffee.

~ by jacqueline1230 on June 24, 2008.

One Response to “Breakfast of Champions – Mine or KG’s?”

  1. […] remember the first of the season strawberries? Had too many to eat so I halved them and froze them on a cookie sheet. They were so fragrant, even […]

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