What’s for dinner – how about Frittata?

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, (or cocktails, or granita).

What about when the neighbor gives you eggs?

LOTS of eggs?

We’re delighted to welcome new neighbors to our building, Jen and Brandon! Bonus for us is that seem to have a regular supply of farm fresh eggs. We’ve actually worked our way through all those eggs and I think the paint’s not yet dry on their walls.

Frittata is a great summer meal and a great way to use eggs. Here’s an article I wrote in Suite not too long ago with tips on making this simple dish that can be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Did I mention that I make killer deviled eggs, too? Hmm, maybe next batch.

  • A little egg nutrition update here.

Don’t go North to go South

Doing research tonight on another article I’m writing, I ran across a really bad video of someone demonstrating how to make a frittata. He called it “Mexican” and the only thing vaguely South of the Border about it was the spoon full of salsa he unceremoniously splashed on top of it after it was done. That’s what I get for watching a guy from Vermont do a “Mexican Frittata.”

I have to confess, I’m drawn to the poor uses of the video-casting like others are to car crashes or Japanese game shows. I wind up getting my knickers in a twist when I see things like the bad frittata (it’s so easy to make a really good one, how many people will be turned off to the idea when they see what he produces?)

The other one that made me crazy was the cookbook review. First of all, if you’re going use video to review a book, you better do something other than just talk about it. Otherwise, I could read your review. The point of the visual medium is to use visuals. He didn’t even flip through the book, show you the photos, the layouts or the table of contents. What a complete and utter waste of time. The guy literally stands in the kitchen holding the book. Of course my first warning sign should have been the title of the book he was reviewing. Simply Delicioso.

Ingrid Hoffman – of course she cooks “Latin.” She of the Giada-like cleavage. I tried to watch her show once and she was so gratingly annoying. And no one wants your hair and your boobs in their food, Ingrid. The New York Times review of her show was both scathing and amazingly alliterative: she is, they say, “quickly staking her claim as the country’s pre-eminent cleavage cook.”

The FN has become a parody of itself with manufactured drama, bogus credentials, and scripted “reality” shows. Then, they follow up shows with a show reflecting on the just-finished, scripted “reality” show. How in love with itself and out of ideas is the FN, anyway?

But worse than Hoffman’s show is an unknown, milquetoast guy (is he even a cook or a chef?), videotaped in his kitchen (will he cook? no!), holding her book, calling it “fusion” and made for “guys like me, who don’t really know a lot about these foods.” (How does he know it’s fusion?) No recipes, no examples of dishes he made from the book…total waste of the visual.

Other options

  • Video tips geared toward healthy cooking. This site is actually geared toward a diabetic diet, but the recipes are not off-limits for the rest of us. With this week’s dramatic Celtic’s victory, we got an unexpected reminder about Diabetes from the health crisis of Ray Allen’s young son. (What? You didn’t read the article or see the post-game presser with Ray Allen?! The world champion, pure-shooter, good guy Celtic who just discovered his son has diabetes?) Check out dlife.com for tips on living with diabetes and some yummy healthy cooking tips from Chef Michel Nischan who I had the pleasure of meeting at Monterey. Here’s a crock pot creole chicken recipe that goes out to my in-laws who love their crock pot.
  • Another source of video that makes much better use of the medium is Viviane Bauquet’s Food and Style. It’s lengthier, but she actually shows you how to make something delicious from scratch. Some good (and one bad) techniques, as well as accompaniment (she uses a mache salad) and wine pairing. See her Tomato Frittata video. (n.b.: please don’t drag your knives across the cutting board as she does here. That’s the quickest way to a dull, dangerous blade.) You see here an alternate technique to the under the broiler method. The latter, along with use of a blender to incorporate more air, creates a fluffier frittata. The takeaway is that this is a forgiving meal, one that’s easy to make with simple ingredients. How in the world does she cook in a beautiful, crisp, white shirt and look so fresh and clean? Mystery to me.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a date with a favorite midnight snack: the fried egg sandwich. Mmmm.

~ by jacqueline1230 on June 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “What’s for dinner – how about Frittata?”

  1. I have also been very disappointed with the Food Network as of late. All the cooking shows seemed to be geared towards people who don’t like to cook or only have ten minutes to throw together a meal. Why would people who don’t like to cook watch the Food Network?! Weird. I also never forgave them for totally ripping off the original Iron Chef. It’s just retarded instead of funny now.

  2. oh, and today I bought eggs and lemons. But, I’m making Lemon Bars for the MoveOn/Obama bake sale – Hungry For Change. You should look it up.

  3. Lemon bars mmm. I made them last year with lavender, good flavor but wrong crust. Will try again this year with my regular recipe adding lavender. Yummy.

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