From A to Z – Adelaide to Zoë, That Is

A hip hotel which over-promises and under-delivers or an older brand that surprises with good food and better service? Today’s lesson comes to us from the corner of Poydras and St. Peters Street. Courtesy of Adelaide. Adelaide of the Brennan lineage now lending her name to a new book on cocktails of New Orleans and to this hotel cafe at the Loews.

We did it backwards though. Z first. In our defense, it was partly because the Zoe staff supposedly took home the silver medal in the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience Cookoff.

Z is for Zoë or Zilch

Zoë- where a full 35 minutes elapsed between our salad and our main course at lunch. No fewer than four people waiting on us, but none seemed to notice our order had been forgotten until I asked. This, despite the fact that there were NO other customers in the place.

I could see three people in kitchen whites when the doors swung open. What were they doing? The decidedly mixed meal was comp-ed, partly because we couldn’t bear to waste more of the day waiting for the correct dishes to be made.

A is for Adelaide or Admirable

One of the many things Caleb has a knack for is scouting out great spots on trips. He’s a big fan of the concierges services, too. A good concierge is worth their weight in gold keys.

How about 25 cent martinis or cosmopolitans with lunch? How about a grown-up bartender? Local, fresh food like Ponchatoula strawberries in the spinach salad. Blue crab and corn bisque to make a Maryland girl smile. “Corndogs” were really shrimp in a batter studded with andouille, served over pepper jelly accompanied by pickled okra. Uh huh!

The best was watching the local woman come in for her Sazerac-to-go (in a discreet coffee cup) – if they knew her dog’s name, fair to say this is not the first time she added the Sazerac to her mid-day dog walk. People here know how to live, baby.

So, to answer your question, I only had two with my lunch. Pacing myself, y’all.

~ by jacqueline1230 on May 26, 2008.

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