Sazerac Video by Chris McMillian of New Orleans’ Ritz-Carlton

New Orleans’ Classic Cocktails – Videos from the Ritz Carlton’s bartender. Hold on Chris, we’re coming! New Orleans Wine and Food Experience is happening this week and we’re going. Hope to have one of these with Gumbo Tales author, Sara Roahen. I met Sara last visit when she was doing a reading from her book at the Garden.

In her book, Sara tells of her adventures with brown liquor and its favorite local expression, the Sazerac. It’s a great read, her book, and a great cocktail, the Sazerac. Two great things that go great together as the old jingle goes…

~ by jacqueline1230 on May 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “Sazerac Video by Chris McMillian of New Orleans’ Ritz-Carlton”

  1. Unfortunately, The Library Lounge is no more. The Ritz Carlton turned it into a Cigar Bar.

  2. Too bad. I hope they kept this bartender around. He seems like the real deal. Though I love a good cigar, I more frequently love a good cocktail…thanks for stopping by!

  3. To let everyone know, Chris is now at the Pere Marquette Renaissance Hotel at Common and Barrone. It is only a block or so away from the Ritz in the CBD. He is there from 5:00 until..Tuesday through Saturday.

  4. Thanks Laura! I had a pretty fantastic Sazerac at the Marigny Brasserie during my last trip as well. I’ll have to go see Chris at this new spot next visit. The first time I went to the Ritz bar it was dead quiet and full of old, old people. Nothing against age but these were not fun oldsters having a cocktail. Picture a nursing home with better lighting and furniture. That’s what it was like there. The bar was oddly situated, too. I’m sure the Chris in the video is in a better place now!

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