Julie, Julia, Ed, Nora, and Me

Opening shot: Ed & Nora, at Dean & Deluca

Imagine, Ed Levine at Dean & Deluca, in a film. Ed Levine on a Holmesian quest for just the right salsa. Levine, AKA “#47”, in role as extra (“extra with juice”, thank you) in Nora Ephron’s film based on the book Julie & Julia. Agent 47 says it’s based on My Life in France, but I think that’s subterfuge. I think it’s really Julie & Julia.

Saw the breaking news in Serious Eats this morning. Serious Eats: that’s Agent 47’s cover. It’s a fantastic foodie ‘zine anyway, something for everyone, you should read it.

Jacqueline and Julia

Anyone who knows me, for say maybe five minutes, knows I’m a person obsessed with good food. Those who know me for say, ten minutes, know that I was born to write Julie Powell’s book. She just beat me to it. I’m not too bitter, but I’ll bet she doesn’t even share a birthdate with the book, like I do. Doh! I’m so bad at this lying-about-your-age thing. But maybe it’s because I’ve just finished Ephron’s book I Feel Bad About My Neck; but I don’t feel like lying works for me, anyway. Used to. That’s just sad beyond words. Now where’s that goddamned turtleneck? Oh, but I digress…

Julie & Julia

Julie Powell wrote this book based on her experience cooking her way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking. That’s the book that introduced French cooking to America and Julia Child to us. I found it in the closet under the stairs and my life was changed. I watched The French Chef and practiced in the kitchen. Julia Child is the only person in front of whom I was speechless in that embarrassing, star-struck way. I was next in line at the grocers in Central Square and when I realized it was HER. I literally went dumb. Lost the power of speech. Anyone who knows me for even a nano-second knows this is highly unusual. It’s one of my great regrets in life that I couldn’t even muster a “hello” and “thank you for all you’ve done for me”. I just couldn’t think.

Now, back to Nora. Nora Ephron, author of some of the best lines ever, is making this movie, based on the book, based on the icon. Ephron and Child and Powell share some important qualities. Key is the ability to find humor in a situation and to laugh at ourselves. Ephron’s amazing: swans, necks, infidelity, …who else can make us laugh at these things?

Ed Levine, who’s friends with Nora, got the call to be an extra in the film. He also got to have dinner at Balthazar (below) to go over his part with Nora herself. Wow.

THAT’S Serious Eats, Ed, I mean “47”.

Mazel Tov.

I’m green with envy, but Mazel Tov.

~ by jacqueline1230 on May 5, 2008.

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