But what happened to the dish? The camera?

Home Again

Back from Cousin Sharon’s wedding to her beau of 14 years, Dave. A beautiful wedding of two wonderful people, good time had by all. More soon on the culinary aspects of the trip – Vancouver and Seattle have SO much to offer! The wedding was held on the University of British Columbia campus, at the Sage Bistro. Gorgeous setting and lots of fun. So much fun that a camera was inadvertently left on the table…

The Dancing Spoon Magazine

Remember Hey Diddle Diddle? Didn’t the spoon take off with the dish? Now he’s dancing? What happened to her, the dish? Inquiring minds want to know.

Culling through mail and just discovered The Dancing Spoon, an online magazine. Jonathon Alsop (author of “Rethinking Beaujolais Nouveau”) is now writing a weekly wine column for the Spoon. In Vino Veritas (Jonathon’s wine newsletter and the name of his new weekly column) is a good one-stop wine source for all things wine. Check his column out. I have to spend a little time on this new magazine, it’s new to me but looks great at first blush.

So much out there, I always wonder if the cream IS rising to the top? I guess in the end, I found it, so the networked world does work, after all. That’s what counts…

~ by jacqueline1230 on May 4, 2008.

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