Green at the Gills in NOLA; Fenway Park Gets Greener, Too.

Good Thing Oysters are Sustainable

5000 oysters shucked by volunteers for the contest for the Acme Oyster Eating Contest held today at the French Quarter Festival in New Orleans. Rules: “…contestants must use forks, not lift the shells to their mouth, and all oysters must be cleared from a tray before starting a new one, “ according to the story in

The champion downed 35 dozen in 8 minutes (that’s 420 oysters; 53 per minute – rounding up).

The second place prize went to a 105 pound Chinese woman. Gotta love that. (31.5 dozen: 378 oysters downed or 76 per minute). That’s a lot of oysters – if my math is correct, just unbelievable, but I double checked.

Dozen at Acme

One of the contestants had what competitive eaters call “a reversal of fortune”. Too bad, they only get credit for that which stays down. Turning from green at the gills to the Green Monster. Good news at Fenway Park.

Good News on Sustainability – Seafood Watch Program Partners with ARAMARK

announced its partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program. The volume of purchasing represented (19 countries, 250,000 employees) means this choice can significantly impact the market for . Even a modest first step of educating their own employees about sustainable choices, and why they matter, can have a great impact.

The commitment to shift its business practices allows ten years for the transition. This seems more than adequate time to implement some changes without negative impact to the bottom line. ARAMARK’s environmental stewardship policy reflects its recognition of public opinion on these issues. Their consumers want to see such changes. This effort has the potential to reach tens of millions that they serve in businesses, universities, schools, sports and entertainment facilities, and parks.

ARAMARK provides concessions, premium culinary facilities, retail store management for 14 major league teams and 10 minor league teams. Collaborating with MLB and Natural Resources Defense Council as part of the league’s environmental initiative will help ensure that America’s pastime continues to align itself with America’s values.

Accolades for being a “Fortune 500 most admired company” come in part from commitments like these that are integral to ARAMARK’s success by enhancing employee satisfaction, public perception, and strengthening ties to the communities in which they operate.

According to the press release, at Fenway Park (and others) ARAMARK commits to:

  • Use local grown vegetables
  • Recycle glass, plastic and cardboard generated from game day preparation
  • Manage consumer can and plastic bottle recycling program
  • Using bio-degradable service ware and cups and napkins made from 100% post-consumer fiber
  • Recycle frying oil

While it’s unclear who’s measuring the implementation (what about game day consumer waste, what are the percentages allowed for local vegetables versus corporate-shipped?), this announcement has to be viewed as a major league Win for the ocean ecosystems, for ARAMARK’s consumer base, and its business bottom line.

Other Aramark-Fenway Facts:

Opening day fans consumed:

  • 20,000+ hot dogs;
  • 5,800 bags of peanuts;
  • 4,800 sausage and pepper sandwiches;
  • 3,500 slices;
  • 3,000 pounds of french fries.

They’re adding crab rolls (sustainable selections, we hope), turkey wraps, fruit (local?) cups, lobster rolls, and more.

Can’t wait to see Wally (who looks pretty green already) handing out Seafood Watch Pocket Guides (print yours here or send it to your mobile phone.) I can just hear Remy making the announcement as Wally hands out pocket guides to fans.

See how many ways Fenway Park is going green, here on The Sixteenth Minute.

Wally\'s Really Green Now

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