Hell’s Kitchen Drinking Game – Hoist a Few (or a Dozen) to Gordon Ramsay

Bad boys in the kitchen.

Too predictable. First the media (subsequently we. who are fed by them) are enamored with them. Now that we’ve had them around awhile, there’s a backlash against them. Now the churn is all about swearing, chest-thumping bullies in the kitchen and is this trend bad? Of course, we have a few notable holdouts.

1. Top Chef – Not only the host Padma is known for her potty mouth. We also have any number of “contestants” each season who throw around curses like parsley at a bad function.

2. Gordon Ramsay and Hell’s Kitchen

3. Anthony Bourdain, and

4. Assorted other f*bomb-heavy celebrity chefs are pretty famous for having made their names as “bad boys.”

If a Faux-hawk Falls in the Kitchen and No One is There to Watch…?

When SNL (who even watches it anymore?) parodies the formula of Top Chef one might say its time has passed. (I think “jumped the shark” jumped just after I figured out how to use it!) Seems I’m not the only one who’s noticed the faux-hawk quota has gone up. Other parts to the recipe: the testy Gay-sian, the hat-wearing guy, the snarky metrosexual guy, the quiet ethnic girl, etc.

And lots of cursing. Posturing, and this season – a chair kicking lesbian!

And Bourdain cursing to an audience of blue-hairs, Chang (a very educated guy) who claims ineloquence that forces him to curse. And, then, the ever angry Ramsay.

Since Serious Eats, the New York Times and Salon.com are all resurrecting Ramsay as the Godfather of F*bombs debate: I thought it might be time to resurrect my Hell’s Kitchen Drinking Game. Here are the rules.

And in the End

Well, what got me going here anyway? Oh yeah, it was this NYT piece on cursing in the kitchen.

Is it just me or does the whole chef thing begin to feel much like any other profession with male bullies on top? Is it just that we now have a window into the kitchen due to chefs’ popularity and celebrity status? Now that the curtain’s pulled back we see the wizard for all he is, and is not?

Bloody Hell – time for a drink.

Gordo! – Make mine a fucking double would you? You styupid fucking dohn-key!

~ by jacqueline1230 on April 16, 2008.

6 Responses to “Hell’s Kitchen Drinking Game – Hoist a Few (or a Dozen) to Gordon Ramsay”

  1. Oh, you are funny, Jackie. I was up out of my seat during the chair-kicking (the rise started when she all but grabbed her OWN crotch during Dale’s ball-holding scene … frankly, if I was in that kitchen I would have shielded mine during that moment too. Chairs hurt!

  2. I saw that too! I’ve had some really butch friends before, never saw that. Even in the old days of my Women’s Studies classes (chairs in a circle, please) – it’s like when a girl dog does boy dog things trying to establish alpha-ness…?

  3. Re: Hell’s Kitchen drinking game: Oh, good Lord! I’d be under the table by the first commercial break! Especially given that Chrissy doesn’t drink, it would be a hopeless endeavor for me. I’d never win. I do love me some Gordon Ramsay, though.

  4. Of course this why we love him – he’s a fool for In-N-Out! Ramsay Loves Fast Food It’s not really fast food, though. That’s my story. Stickin to it.

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