Don’t Bother Me, I’m Crabby

Not really – I just love saying that.

And I’ve got crab on my mind after devouring a surprise treat of Stone Crab shipped right to our door. You may have been thinking I’d never got off my pork kick…but a trip to Boston’s Oceanaire and the Charile’s Stone Crab Melee (hammers whacking, shells flying, fingers wrinkling) have me in a seafood mood.

One of the best things about Stone Crab is that they are a “best choice” on the Sustainable Seafood Watch lists. You can read about how and why on Charlie’s excellent website (see this page) or see the Seafood Watch report and summary here on the Monterey Bay Aquarium site.

How about Squid?

Gourmet Magazine just reviewed Persephone across the Channel and this excerpt:

Grilled squid—tender to the point of being buttery—with parsley salad is a deceptively simple dish, in which pungent oil-cured olives, creamy chickpeas, and thin strands of preserved lemon zest exalt the basic flavors of the squid and parsley…

describes a lunch I whipped up the other day. I wanted to finish the batch of squid, our first in a long time. We’d broken out the indoor grill for the Sox home opener. I served my squid over cous cous.

Q- Tonic

Another reason I’m decidedly un-crabby is the lovely Q-Tonic and Plymouth Gin I’m enjoying.

Trying to dig out from the piles on the desk, post-travel, post-migraine…post-Red Sox loss to the Yankees…Q Tonic is such a departure from the cloying tonic most of us cut our drinking teeth on…Quinine hand picked in the Andes, organic agave replaces high-fructose corn syrup, every detail has been well-thought out and well-executed in the making of this new and soon-to-spoil-you tonic. It’s pricey sure, but if you’re going to buy a premium vodka or gin why kill it with bad tonic?

If you don’t love this tonic I’ll buy you another one. Promise.

Belated April Fools

Okay, so I’m late…but you will forgive me, I promise if you read Ruhlman’s post on 4/1. Hysterical!

~ by jacqueline1230 on April 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Don’t Bother Me, I’m Crabby”

  1. my girlfriend and i are visiting boston and staying at the intercontinental at 510 atlantic ave. any good lunch/dinner ideas would be much appreciated. sorry to post a random comment, but couldn’t find any contact/email info. thanks.

  2. […] Don’t Bother Me I’m Crabby – where I introduce you to Q-tonic. […]

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