We Won! O Ya Tops Bruni’s List


Check out the New York Times to see our neighborhood gem get crowned Number One! Edging out a restaurant in Napa that is – sitting down? – vegetarian. It sounds amazing and explains why the competition for the 1st and 2nd spots was so close. Why do I feel like I’ve just been crowned? Maybe it’s because I met Tim and Nancy before they opened and had a rapturous Omakase meal after.

But first, in the event our winner is unable to fulfill her duties, our runner up, Ubuntu…imagine a vegetarian Miss America? The image (same one I had, I’m sure) is in need of updating.

Not a brown rice and tofu kind of hippie joint, an uber sexy (Jolie-esque, he says) fine dining last meal kind of joint. Maybe it’s setting the standard for a new genre. It would be an incredible chef indeed who could make a rutabaga as exciting as an avocado. If Ubuntu were here on the East Coast their garden-to-table mission would be more difficult to execute. No less honorable an intention, but certainly a lot more difficult.

Thank god it’s not Tim and Nancy’s mission. Interestingly, though Bruni notes that one of his favorite dishes was the mushroom “sashimi” which I also remember as a standout. Well done Tim and Nancy, it’s saying something when a restaurant so new gets such high accolades, well earned.

~ by jacqueline1230 on March 19, 2008.

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