Chocolate Omniwhore

I pretty much always have some bit of chocolate on hand. I once looked askance at a female who claimed not to have a piece of emergency chocolate in her handbag. What kind of a woman is that?

In a small piece I called Omnivore’s Depletion, I note how difficult it is being green, eating healthfully, choosing food responsibly. Ellen Goodman wrote a column in last week’s Globe called Hungry for Some Certainty.

As she does, Goodman synthesizes the national zeitgeist on topic of food anxiety, neatly summing up with a recommended “Great Granny Diet” predicting it will be the next big thing. Mostly, it means eating real, not packaged, foods brought to us by the agricultural-industrial complex. Goodman’s great-granny ate chocolate and Ellen concludes her uncertain day of dining with the certainty of the pleasure of chocolate.

If the Great-Granny diet includes the chocolate our friend Linda brought last night, sign me up! Anthon Berg New Guinea Dark Chocolate 70% is fabulous. I love that the website includes “Five good things about chocolate” the last of which reads as follows: 5. The comfortably low melting point of chocolate makes it near perfect for all-natural body paint experiments.”

Now, I can’t swear it’s true, but I kind of doubt my great-granny was using chocolate in this way. Then again, I can’t be certain. Blame it on the agricultural-industrial complex. I’m going to go soothe myself with a little square of heaven.

~ by jacqueline1230 on February 22, 2008.

4 Responses to “Chocolate Omniwhore”

  1. Very dangerous. We recently discovered a Lindt store in the same shopping center as the Five Guys we recently found. We’re trying not to make a regular habit. Man, though, I tried a milk chocolate bar with toffee pieces… Heaven!

  2. Our pantry always has at least two bars of dark chocolate, 75% cacao minimum. Even Enna loves the rich and slightly bitter dark chocolate taste. We recently shared a bar from Whole Foods and I’m trying to teach her that we suck on chocolate, letting it dissolve on our tongues. But she happily crunches away.

  3. I love that she likes the dark chocolate. Girl after my own heart!

  4. […] I stated in Chocolate Omniwhore: Anthon Berg New Guinea Dark Chocolate 70% is fabulous. I love that the website includes […]

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