Mercury-free Maguro?

maguro.jpgI wrote this week in Suite on the mercury levels in tuna in NYC’s top sushi shops. The NYTimes replicated’s tests across US cities. Good news is that some folks are beginning to feed our insatiable appetite for toro by farming nearly contaminant-free fish. I hope it’s more confidence-instilling than the “Toxin-free fish” called TiLoveYa. (Bogus-looking website incites knee-jerk reaction by this writer.)

There is more than one source of lower contaminant level fish. Kona Kampachi is one I just learned of today, not mentioned in the Times follow on piece “Taking Worry Off the Plate.” Craigie Street, Dante and Salts are all said to carry the Kona Kampachi product.

I’m pretty skeptical that any aquaculture op can supply the voracious demand for tuna. And, aquaculture has its own problems.

photo credit: Tony Cenicola NYTimes

~ by jacqueline1230 on January 30, 2008.

One Response to “Mercury-free Maguro?”

  1. Canadian Albacore info

    has lower levels of mercury because fish are harvested much smaller

    Not as dark red as the tuna we are accustomed to but still excellent for many recipe applications

    Nice Looking Blog


    Chef Chris Albano

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