Don’t shoot the messenger

Kill an hour by clicking here. No really, you should do it. This site is the find of the day, maybe the week or month.

thumb_the_etsy_logo.jpg is the brainchild of my good friend’s *gulp* nephew, Rob Kalin. Christ I’m old – I remember this kid running through the house while we took a break from LAW SCHOOL study group. Now he’s a bonafide business hotshot. Entrepreneur, New York Times Magazine, Real Simple, Rachel Ray – he doesn’t need my endorsement, but I’m kvelling. Had to share the find. features thousands of handmade items from jewelry, silk-screened pillows and shirts, art and more. I just killed an hour for you searching for foodie fab gifts.
How about something cute for your Valentine?

One of my favorite things are these gift tags. The prices on many items featured on are insanely good. These tags are made with archival ink/paper and are 12 tags for $4.00!

Handmade gyoza – they’re felt, come in a steamer basket. KawaiI! (cute!)



Or send someone vegan twinkies or “fauxstess” cupcakes from Vegan Honey…Etsy has tons of baked goods, vintage coasters, serving trays. Some vintage pyrex or cocktail glasses would be a fun gift.

Happy surfing!

~ by jacqueline1230 on January 23, 2008.

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