Just in Time for Menopause – the Perfect PMS Treat


So what could be better than a delicious dark chocolate bar? Or salty-smoky bacon? You guessed it, a dark chocolate bar with bacon. Now, before you go “eeeuuww” will you just try one? Remember that candied bacon is fabulous, and when you have pancakes and bacon isn’t the bacon always better with a little maple syrup? When you taste it, you get creamy dark chocolate flavor, then a little salt, then a little smoke on the back end. It’s wonderful.

Vosges chocolatiers are one of my favorites. Remember the Ancho Chile ice cream? The Chocolate Orange Cookies? They even do Yoga + Chocolate retreats. They make sipping chocolates. They make Pandan ice cream that tastes almost nutty enough to make me stop whining about my new nut allergies.

The Change

Well, I’m lunching with my friend Elissa the other day and sweating like the grandfather of the pork that ended up in that chocolate bar…I am saying to her, “Seriously, didn’t it JUST suddenly get SO hot in here? It’s not like 110 degrees? Are you sure?!” She’s just giggling as I fish around in the great pumpkin* for my fan.

Okay, so I was the only one, apparently, who was hot. Oh. As in “hot flash.” Crap. I guess this IS the big Change. I just didn’t think this was going to happen to me. Like the need for longer arms. I knew these things happened as people got older. But “people” didn’t include me, of course.

I remember a friend in junior high whose father always used to tell her “be patient with your mother, she’s going through the change.” She said she’d heard that for so many years, she wondered what her mother was changing into, and when she would be finished. It was her Mom’s excuse for being crabby.

Ah, there’s one benefit.

*My big, beautiful orange Cole Hahn bag my husband gave me for patience in extreme family situations… (think combat pay)

~ by jacqueline1230 on January 19, 2008.

4 Responses to “Just in Time for Menopause – the Perfect PMS Treat”

  1. That’s funny about the bacon and chocolate. Last w/e when we were at the fancy buffet at the Langham, Raj dipped a piece of bacon in the chocolate fountain and we all gorssed out. Who knew he was a gourmet? By the way, it was really hot in the cafeteria, maybe it wasn’t the CHANGE.

  2. You thought you’ve lost me for good, didn’t you? Well, I’ve found you again! I’m anxious to hear about your day with Ellissa. Did you convey my “hello” to her for me?

  3. It’s one of the mottos I live by… “Everything’s better with bacon.” It’s nice to see others are discovering this as well.

  4. Why am I craving chocolate now?

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