Au Revoir Savoy French Bakery? Allo La Voile!

I was driving down Beacon Street the other day in our Zipcar Mini Cooper after a big TJ’s run (thanks Dad!) I was horrified to see that the Savoy bakery was closed with newspaper all over the windows.


They say one door closes, and another opens….

It seems that some new owners have taken over from the lively discussion thread on Chow, it could mean decent pastry and nicer service. I kind of liked the woman that used to own it. Honestly, haven’t been there in years but it was one of those touchstones. One independent, quirky bakery is worth a million chain places to me.

I used to say it was more French because of her rather curt way of dealing with people. And, they always ran out pretty early. Want a perfect croissant? Gecher ass outta bed…kind of the implied attitude. They were worth it, back in the day. Nice to see fans still swoon for Clear Flour on Thorndike Street in Brookline. A longtime favorite of mine. Best Tuscan olive rolls in the city.


Thai one on at Montien:

(the photo, btw, not the Zakim bridge here in Boston, but a bridge in Thailand!)

Tonight at dinner with D&N at Montien (best Thai, IMHO) green papaya salad (high up on the Scoville scale but hey, endorphins are worth the pain yes?) beef salad, Ocean Cry (mild), green curry duck, pad thai, we were of course, discussing the next place we’d dine together.

You can see why we get along. Share one meal, while deciding what the next will be. Caleb asked about Bouchee, we’ve heard mixed things but haven’t been and they tell us about La Voile. (fitting since they took us sailing and La Voile means sail en Francais.) A sign of how INfrequently we head down Newbury these days, I had not even heard of it. The website is sparse but again, checking with the buzz at Chow, seems worth a try.

More Thai favorite news Rod Dee (in Brookline, near Washington Square) is moving to bigger digs. Doubling their size from 12 to 24 seats. This is great news and I don’t think you’ll have any further to walk, John. Just the other direction. Try the Bangkok Duck and Indonesian Fried Rice, both favorites.

And because no “dish” is complete without some irony:

Top two stories on Chow’s landing page tonight (in terms of layout, not hits) “Vegans are not Misanthropes” and right below it: “Secondhand Barbecue Smoke – can vegetarians demand meat-free environments.”

I couldn’t make this up.

[here’s the Boston Globe’s recent review of La Voile]

~ by jacqueline1230 on January 10, 2008.

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