Baby, My Glass is Empty


Just when I thought I’d plotz reading about the childbirth gifts dads apparently have to give to new moms, “birth baubles” they call them or “push presents” (eeuw).. along comes a reminder that sanity does exist, just not at the NYT. (Why not just buy her carbon offset credits for all the planetary resources the kids will use?)

This set of books, a McSweeney’s Bundle of Joy, if you will, makes a great gift for any one of your fab friends who used to occupy the next stool over at the bar. You know who I mean…the ones that have moved out of the ‘hood to do the parenthood thing.

It’s good to teach kids real life skills, you know. We’ve just gotten so far away from our forebears who knew kids were to be of use. Farming, factory work, bartending.

The one joy my cat will never be able to provide, though I’m sure he’d love to oblige, filling my glass or freshening my coffee. It’s just those damn missing opposable thumbs…

~ by jacqueline1230 on December 12, 2007.

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