Scraping Bottom, Winning Notices, Great Wines

Dredging, Scraping, Splogging
In the ocean it’s called dredging. In the blogosphere it’s called “scraping” and “splogs” do it. Someone writes some code, they troll the Internet and find blogs or posts with good traffic, then they scrape your content and use it to collect ad revenue.

My blog has been scraped and the bottom-dwellers have set up a fake blog (doh!) with my copyrighted content in an attempt to collect ad revenue from people clicking on the ads there. People might do a Google search and find my content on the fake blog and click on ads there. Those of you who read me here need not worry.

You’ll notice I have very little, unobtrusive ads here. I haven’t seen any evidence that the pitiful revenue outweighs the objectionable clutter. But then, I’m not scraping content from all over. A couple of clicks here and there and for one piece of code, some a*hole is making money from my content.

Good News Still Coming on “Teach a Man to Fish”
I suppose the good news is that it means our sustainable seafood event was successful and caught attention from high and low. We covered the low, now let’s look at some of the good news.

  • The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s new SeaNotes Blog mentions us as some good news amongst the bad news of the spill in San Francisco.
  • The effort also got recognized by Internet Research and Strategy Gurus Sea Change Strategies in this interesting post, Be Remarkable and They Will Come. I am flattered to be so described by this group. I never thought “doing good” was an option, either Mark.

Wine Pairings
Last but not least, one of our favorite wine gurus, Andrew Barrow at Spittoon, offers this pairing advice for our Teach a Man to Fish entries:

For Calamari with Pine Nuts: Gavi, Pinot Bianco, Cava
For Ryan Newman’s Catfish: Chardonnay
Catfish Bites: Alsace Pinot Gris
Clams: Chablis
Halibut: Viognier
Mussels: Chablis, Champagne
Salmon with creamy sauce: White Burgundy
Sardines: Muscadet, NZ Sauvignon Blanc
Scallops: Champagne, Chardonnay
Fish Soup: Dry Rose

Andrew has a terrific wine site, a fabu foodies blog and more. Really terrific design, top-notch content and he’s a good guy to boot. Please check out Spittoon “We spit so you can swallow…” Oh, and Andrew’s got beautiful photography throughout his sites, this photo above is his. Gorgeous.

Thanks again Andrew!

~ by jacqueline1230 on November 25, 2007.

3 Responses to “Scraping Bottom, Winning Notices, Great Wines”

  1. you say the nicest things… :-)

  2. My blog has been scraped, too. Be sure to report the violation to Google every time — eventually Google will shut them down.

  3. What a nightmare. I can’t seem to get anyone’s attention at Google. I’ll keep trying. BTW love your blog, The Perfect Pantry, it’s one everyone should check out!

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