It’s Halloween – Time for Scary Movies and Ghost Stories

You heard the one about the turn of the century mass murdering family restauranteurs, right? No?

Talk about going ’round the bend. I saw a link to this site one night, bookmarked it and forgot about it…I just stumbled over it like a body in the basement.

This script was apparently real. A family restaurant where, a la Hotel California, people stopped in, but never left. Maybe they were really bad tippers.

Check this interesting site
if for no other reason than to have a fun little mass murder tidbit to share at your next cocktail hour. What, you don’t talk about heinous and gory crimes over drinks? Interesting…

Here’s a Halloween snack you can prepare for the occasion: kicked up caramel corn.

Favorite scary movies?
Saw; those zombie ones (28 Days, Shaun of the Dead); Oh, Remember Paper House? I usually scream and punch whoever is next to me, by the way. You have been warned.

~ by jacqueline1230 on October 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “It’s Halloween – Time for Scary Movies and Ghost Stories”

  1. Interesting history you posted. The Bloody Benders. A family that kills together runs away and disappears together;)

  2. omg you do that too??! I always punch my viewing buddy. Or I tap them repeatedly like, “look look I know you’re looking but look!”

  3. Lydia: Someone said puts a new spin on “going on a Bender” – wonder if that’s where it comes from?

    Marisa: I even scream involuntarily. Last movie we saw was Kingdom (not really a “scary” movie, but tense) and I guess I was up to my unconscious antics. When the lights came up, a couple three rows behind us stand up. The guy looks right at me and says “Are you OK?!” embarrassing…

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