Vosges Ancho & Chipotle Ice Cream – "Red Fire"

Oh my. Just when I was thinking I’d listen to the cranky cats, succumb to the sweet snuffling husband, when I discover a new blog all about chocolate. Now, sitting here pouting.

Then it hits me! We have this new ice cream – so rich, so creamy and so chocolate-y. Just a bit of heat on the back end and some cinnamon. Happy girl.

See how easy that was?

~ by jacqueline1230 on September 13, 2007.

3 Responses to “Vosges Ancho & Chipotle Ice Cream – "Red Fire"”

  1. I recently had some chipolte ice cream. It had a nice kick..

  2. Obscene poultry gestures will get you no where in life, repent!

    Kidding, sort of. Thanks for stopping by and linking. Just had a look at your blog. Nice job foraging!

    Keep in touch – big event for October National Seafood Month – right here!

  3. […] chocolatiers are one of my favorites. Remember the Ancho Chile ice cream? The Chocolate Orange Cookies? They even do Yoga + Chocolate retreats. They make sipping […]

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