Chinglish and Using your Noodle

Well I’m relieved! Good thing the Chinese government has their priorities in order. God forbid a few tourists get confused by Chinglish on the menu.
You know I’d trade you some “virgin chicken” for some lead paint toys or fake diabetes test kits. If they got rid of the formaldehyde-laced clothes or anti-freeze toothpaste, I think most Olympic tourists would put up with the same Chinglish menus they’re used to at home.

But AP reports that of all the infractions the Chinese government might address; it’s it’s menu revamping that will get the resources. Yes, let’s do some nice window dressing for all the foreign tourists. Maybe easy-to-read menus will make the gweilo with greenbacks forget about all the consumer goods we’ve poisoned them with…

We’ve only ourselves to blame. How in the world did we decide this country, with its abysmal human rights records, get awarded the Olympics?

Chun! (stupid!)

~ by jacqueline1230 on August 31, 2007.

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